Greta Van Fleet
Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet is a popular US rock band. They were formed in 2012 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The band comprised of four brothers, Josh Kiszka as the lead vocalist, Sam Kiszka as a bassist, and keyboard player, Jake Kiszka as a guitarist, and Danny Wagner as a drummer.


The band was formed in 2012 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, US. The rock band was formed by twin brothers Jake Kiszka, and Josh Kiszka along with their younger brother as Sam Hauck, and Kyle Hauck. When one of the members of this group heard their relative mentioning about Gretna Van Fleet, a resident of Frankenmuth, there decided to keep a little modified version of her name as their band name.

Van Fleet stated that though the band music is not her favorite, she appreciates the talent of the members, and supports the band. The band recorded two major songs as Standing On and the Cloud Train. One of the drummers of the band left in October 2013, who was replaced by brother’s friend Danny Wagner as a drummer in the same year.


In 2014, their composed song “Standing On” was shown Chevy Equinox ads in the Detroit region. In addition to “Standing On,” there were several popular songs composed by them in their early stage of career (between 2012 to 2015). “By the Riverside,” “Down to the River,” “Cloud Train,” “Sing in the Rain,” “Motown Funk No. 4”, “Written in Gold,” and “Thunder Stomp.”

The music composed by Greta Van Fleet was categorized as blues rock and hard rock. Though all members were bonded over blues, they have their own musical preference. Jake is fond of rock and roll, Sam is inclined towards jazz, Danny has a liking for folk, and Josh prefers world music.

In 2017, the band entered into a contract with Lava Records. They released their debut studio named EP, Black Smoke Rising. In September 2017, their debut single named “Highway Tune” was released. The song became a hit and topped the Billboard US Rock Charts for four continuous weeks. Their second song, “From the Fires,” was released in November 2017, with their second single, “Safari Song.” The song “From the Fires” won the Grammy Award under the category or Best Rock Album in 2019.

Their first single, “When The Curtain Falls,” got released in July 2018. It became the third No.1 single on the US Billboard Rock charts. In October 2018, their full-length album was released as Anthem of the Peaceful Army. In the first week of its release, the song was ranked on the top positions on the Billboard Rock Album charts. Anthem of the Peaceful Army was again a big hit. It successfully made its place on the No.1 position on the US Billboard Top Rock Album Sales charts.

In December 2018, this band was selected for four Grammy Awards under the category: Best Rock Performance for “Highway Tune,” Best New Artist, Best Rock Album for From the Fires, and Best Rock Song for “Black Smoke Rising.” The band won the Grammy title for the Best Rock Album for From the Fires,

In January 2019, Greta Van Fleet also made the musical guest performance on US TV comedy series as “Saturday Night Live.” They performed some of their popular songs in the serial as “You’re the One,” and “Black Smoke Rising.”  In May 2019, their third single, as “Lover, Leaver,” was released.

Awards & Achievements

Greta Van Fleet is one of the highly admired brands throughout the world. They have given several brilliant performances for which they have been awarded several awards.

In December 2018, the Greta Van Fleet band got chosen for four Grammy Awards for the Best Rock Performance for “Highway Tune,” the Best New Artist, The Best Rock Song for “Black Smoke Rising,” and The Best Rock Album for “From the Fires.” Out of the four nominations, they won the 2019 Grammy Award for The Best Rock Album “From the Fires.”

In addition to this award, they also won a few more awards for the following categories:

Year: 2019 Song: “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” Category: Best Foreign Album

Year: 2019 Song: “Safari Song” Category: Rock Song of the Year

Year: 2017 “Greta Van Fleet” Category: Best New Artist

Net Worth of Greta Van Fleet in 2024

Greta Van Fleet Net Worth
Greta Van Fleet Net Worth

As of April 2024, the net worth of the band is computed as $1 Million. Josh Kiszka has been an active member and an American rock singer for the band, “Greta Van Fleet,” since 2012. This band has released several different varieties of songs and has garnered a huge fan following in just a short period. The major source of income of this band is by organizing live music concerts and stage shows in the US and other parts of the world.  

Greta Van Fleet has been one of the most successful and top-performing Rock Bands from 2015. Having nominated four times for the most prestigious Grammy Award, they got worldwide recognition after winning this award for the first time in 2019. The unbeatable talent and passion of the members of this band have inspired music fans all over the world.


  1. I love love love this band. They are a refreshing rise up from most of the Rock and Roll bands I am a product of the 80s song of all genres
    These guys are going to be the next BIG thing. I should have bought tickets for the Atlanta show.

    Lara Wilson


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