Google LLC is one most known American multinational technology companies that has specialization in internet-related services and products. The company focuses on the area like cloud computing, online advertising technologies, search engine, software, and hardware. Google is known as one of the Big Four technology companies in the world, along with Amazon, Facebook, and Apple.


Two Ph.D. students founded Google at Stanford University named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in the year 1996. They first created PageRank that was known as the technology that helps to analyze the relationship between several websites, and they named their search engine BackRub that was later known as Google.

In the year 1997, the domain of the company was registered legally, and its operations also shifted to Susan Wojcicki’s garage, who was also a fellow Ph.D. student. In September 1998, they incorporated Google as the California Privately held company. Later, Google was reincorporated in Delaware in October 2002. Later, Google moved its headquarter in Mountain View, California, and nicknamed as the Googleplex.

The initial public offering of Google took place in August 2004. At present, Google works under the parent company Alphabet Inc that also runs many other subsidiaries that include Verity, X, Waymo, Google Fiber, Calico, GV, and many others. At present, Sunder Pichai is the CEO of Google, who replaced Larry Page after his assumption of the Alphabet CEO position.

The rapid growth of the company triggered the chain of products and offered lots of services to the customers. The company also leads to the development of the Android mobile operating system known as the Google Chrome web browser that is a lightweight operating system.


Google generally focus on the areas that include the internet-based services and products special on the operating systems, search engine platforms, hardware products, and online advertising technologies. Besides, Google also deals with the indexation of websites and much other online content on the search service.

It even offers all the required information to the people on the search engine. By the time, more than 75% of control on the search engine market was taken by Google. Google also performs several operating systems that include Google Books, Google Chrome OS, Android mobile operating system, Google TV, Smartwatch, and Google Chrome, and many more.

When it comes to the hardware products, then Google comprises Goggle Cardboard, Nexus One, Google Wifi, Pixel smartphones, and many others. The enterprise services also include G Suite. Google also offers email services that include Google News, Google Shopping Express, Google Fiber, Google Wallet, DeepDream, and many more.

From the year 2010 to 2015, Google has moved toward hardware and also partnered with the major electronics manufacturers in the production of Nexus devices. The company released lots of hardware products in October 2016 that also includes the Google Wifi mesh wireless router, Google Home smart speaker, Google Pixel smartphone, and many more.

Google indexes billions of web pages that help the users to easily search for the information they want to know through the use of keywords and operators. Google also launched Google News services in the year 2002 that summarize the news articles from several websites and help people to find the best news. Google generates most of its revenues from the advertising that includes the sales of apps. Digital content products on Google, Purchases made in-app, and many more.

Awards & Nominations

Google takes more than 75% control of the search engine market, and it is one of the great achievements of the company. The company Google has also been named as the second most valuable brand in the World and also included in the Big Four technology companies in the world.

Net Worth of Google in 2024

Google Net Worth
Google Net Worth

As of April 2024, The net worth of Google is estimated at around $320 billion. Google’s parent company Alphabet has the net worth estimated at around $900 billion that makes it one of the most valuable companies in the world. Google made over $50 million every day, and the company had revenue more than $97.2 billion. One of the significant sources of Google’s revenue comes from advertising and some percentages from the other internet products and services.

Google is one of the most valuable American multinational technology companies that offer internet-based services and products to its customers. is considered as the most visited website in all over the world. The website of Google is also coming among the top 100 most valuable and visited a website that includes Blogger and YouTube.

Google also faces many criticisms involving issues such as censorship, privacy concerns, tax avoidance, and many more, but the company grows successfully and also became one of the most valuable brands. In May 2018, the unofficial slogan of the company, Don’t be evil, was removed from the company’s code of conduct but reinstated in July 2018.



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