Fung Bros
Fung Bros

The Fung Bros consists of the two brothers who are popularly known as ‘Andrew Fung,,’ and the other is the ‘David Fung.’ Both the brothers are best known for their activity as a stand-up comedian as well as viral videos on YouTube. The duo strongly believes in entertaining people with their over-enthusiastic creative ideas and thought processes. Both the brothers are highly fascinated by varied kinds of food culture, hip-hop music, and comical attributes, which they remarkably presented as the key feature of talent and skill.

In addition to this, Fung Bros are highly popular as a remarkable YouTubers who have presented their comical videos on their YouTube channel, which has received a great response with increasing likes, comments, and subscribers.

Early Life

The Fung Bros are framed as ‘David Fung’ and the other as the ‘Andrew Fung.’ Andrew Fung was born on 30 March 1988, and David Fung born on 1 September 1988 in Washington in the United States, and thus they both are born with an American nationality. The two brothers belong to mixed ethnicity as they are born half Chinese and half American. The Fung Bros did their schooling from the ‘Kentwood High School.’

Later, the two brothers did graduation from the ‘University of Washington.’ The Fung Bros’s parents wanted them to become a lawyer or a doctor like the other parents. But the Fung Bros wanted to do something different in their life than others. Both the brothers are brought up in the traditional environment of family pressure and family outbreak. Soon afterward, the Fung Bros moved to the city of Los Angeles in the hope of dreaming a new career in a different field of work than others.


In 2015, the Fung Bros started their career start-up with the show ‘Broke Bites: What the Fung.’ The series represents the food-travel show where the duo travels across different parts of the United States in search of local street food, food culture, affordable food for tourists under the budget of 50 dollars.

The Fung Bros also came up with their other show named ‘The Fung Brothers Mess with Texas,’ which was broadcasted on their YouTube channel and got massive response and subscription across the globe. Here, with the show, the Fung Bros moved to the different parts of Texas, where they tried different authentic cuisine in Texas with mouth-watering food and delicacies.

Next, the Fung Bros came up with their music videos where they were engaged in the making of the rap video as ‘626’.

Another successful music video of the Fung Bros was ‘Colima Road.’

Next, the duo launched another music video as ‘Bobalife.’

In 2013, the duo released another music video as ‘Asians Eat Weird Things.’

Awards and Achievements

The biggest achievement in Fung Bros’ life was when they independently launched their own cable network as ‘What the Fung?! The cable network basically serves as a food-travel show where they talk and discuss their daily activity in a most comical way to entertain a large number of audiences.

Net Worth of Fung Bros

Fung Bros Net Worth
Fung Bros Net Worth

As of June 2024, The total estimated net worth of the ‘Fung Bros’ are $1 million approximately.

Henceforth, the duo received world recognition for their stupendous performance instilled with high energy and enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, the duo gave their breathtaking performance, which has mesmerized the global audience highly by their comical attributes.


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