Fubu is a remarkable clothing brand company which is one of the highest sellers of merchandise such as eyewear, belts, shoes, casual wear, sports apparel, and many others with a significant response and growth rate in the clothing market. The company was solely operated under the leadership of four reputable and honourable persons such as ‘Keith Perrin’, Carlton Brown’, ‘J. Alexander Martin’, and lastly ‘Daymond John’.

The company owns a company website which has been encrypted by every detailing of the clothing brands and product in order to guide the buying customers with the different categories of their clothing products and materials.

The company has significantly has made a big name worldwide with its remarkable collection of clothing products which has fetched the company with millions of dollars of profit. The Four remarkable owners have taken the company to a new level of success and growth rate, which is highly appreciating and commendable.

Early Days

The clothing company came into establishment in the year 1992 with his headquarter stationed in the United States. The company was solely founded by the four dynamic personalities such as ‘Keith Perrin’, ‘Daymond John’, ‘Carlton Brown’ and lastly by ‘J. Alexander Martin’. In the initial days, the four of them came up with the idea and plan of a line of hats which used to manufacture in Daymond John’s house in the city of New York.

Next, John invested a lump sum of money by mortgaging his own house to establish a new factory with his other fellow friends. Apparently, John turned half of the house into a brand new factory with a living space in the other half of the house. The planning of the entire thing was well executed by the four people with great creative ideas and thought process to do something new and different than others.


In the year 1992, the establishment of the clothing line ‘Fubu’ has taken place by the four remarkable personalities such as ‘Keith Perrin’, ‘Daymond John’, ‘Carlton Brown’ and lastly by ‘J. Alexander Martin’.

The clothing line is widely known for its best-selling merchandise such as casual wear, suit line, sportswear, eyewear, and many others. In addition to this, the clothing line also manufactured sports products like a baseball cap, rugby t-shirts, basketball jersey, sports shoes, and various others.

The clothing products of the Fubu are distinctly embroidered by the independent logo of the Fubu Company with a clear and focused image.

The various products of the company especially apparel like denim jeans and sporty t-shirts are widely imported to other parts of the country with huge response and selling rate.

Presently, the Fubu market has extensively expanded his growth of the market to other products such as footwear, swimsuit, watches, sunglasses, intimate apparel, and various other on-demand products from the wide range of customers across the world.

Awards and Achievements

‘Fubu’ the clothing line has launched a new record label which is entitled to the name as ‘The Good Life’ in the year 2001 under the label Fubu/Universal.

Next, the clothing line launched another successful album entitled as ‘All or Nothin’ in the year 2003.
Both the album has got a positive hit response and feedback on the Billboard Chart respectively.

Net Worth of Fubu

Fubu Net Worth
Fubu Net Worth

As of April 2024, The total estimated net worth of Fubu is estimated at around $8 billion.

Henceforth, the company has shown immense growth rate over the years of his establishment with the complete support and guidance of the four dynamic owners who have given their utmost hard work and labour in meeting the needs of the company with an entrepreneurial achievement.



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