Friends Cast
Friends Cast

Friends is a classic sitcom that reflects the life of six friends: three women and three men, who are in their 20’s and 30’s and live in New York. The serial takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you will find it hilarious, and other times the deep emotions will touch your heart. The show addressed universal themes such as falling in and out of love, romantic adventures, career issues, as well as dealing with parents. Each of these six characters had several dates and serious relations. The humor and warmth displayed by the characters entertained people all across the world.


The date of the first episode of Friends was telecasted on September 22, 1994. The last date of the episode was May 6, 2004. The show was aired on NBC channel. It is the story of six reckless youths such as Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, and David Schwimmer. They lived in Manhattan, New York, and indulged in adventures that made their life interesting and wearisome.

Marta Kauffman and David Crane created this US sitcom show. The show lasted for around ten seasons. The producer of this series was Bright/Crane/Kauffman Production in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television. The executive producers of the show are Kevin S. Bright, Crane, and Kauffman.

The show completed ten seasons, and the total number of episodes executed by this serial is 236. The opening theme of the show is kept as “I will be there for you.” The Rembrandts created it. The composer of this theme is Micheal Skloff and Allie Willis. The show was produced at Warner Bros. Studios, California. The distributor of the show is Warner Bros. Television Distribution.


The star cast of the first season of the Friends was: Cox, Aniston. LeBlanc, Schwimmer, Kudrow, Perry.

Jennifer Aniston was starred as Rachel Green:

She is a fashion enthusiast and the best friend of Monica Geller. Rachel got involved with Ross Geller in an off and on the relationship all through the series. She dates several other men during the entire series. Her first job was as a waitress at a coffee house named Central Perk. Later, she became an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale and a buyer at Ralph Lauren. The couple, Rachel and Ross together have given birth to their daughter named Emma. In the last episode of this series, the couple confesses their affection for each other. She gives up her job to be with him.

Courteney Cox was starred as Monica Geller:

Cox was a chef, and her personality was characterized as bossy, perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive nature, and competitive. She has been an overweight child. She is seen to have worked in various restaurants in the various seasons of the show. Her first relationship was with a long-term family friend named “Richard Burke.” The duo maintained a strong relationship with one another till the time when Richard expresses his desire of not having children. Later, Monica started a relationship with Chandler that resulted in marriage and the adoption of twin babies in the last episode of the series.

Lisa Kudrow was starred as Phoebe Buffay:

Phoebe is a masseuse and musician. Her mother committed suicide, and she came to the streets. She sings, as well as writes strange songs, as well as accompanies herself on the guitar. She has one identical twin, Ursula, who resembles the same traits as that of Phoebe. She has three severe relations for the show with David, Gary, and Mike Hannigan. Phoebe broke up with Mike as he did not want to marry. In the end, Mike and Phoebe married to each other.

Matt LeBlanc was starred as Joey Tribbiani:

Joey is a struggling actor who is fond of food. He became famous for his appearance on serial “Days of Our Lives.” Joey has had several short-term girlfriends. As a person, he is innocent, well-intentioned, and caring.

Matthew Perry was starred as Chandler Bing:

Chandler works in a large, multinational corporation as an executive in data reconfiguration and statistical analysis. Chandler does not like this job, but it pays him well. He changed his job and joined an advertising agency as a junior copywriter. Chandler has suffered in his relationships and has a dark sense of humor.

David Schwimmer starred as Ross Geller:

Ross is the elder brother of Monica Geller. He is a paleontologist who works at the Museum of Natural History. After a few years, he becomes a tenured professor of paleontology at NYC University. Ross has three failed marriages with Carol Willick, Emily Waltham, and Rachel. At the end of a one-night stand, they both have a daughter named Emma and confessed their love for one another in the finale episode.

Awards & Achievements

Friends is a US sitcom TV series that ranked in the top ten ratings of the final TV season. It made its way to the top spot in the eighth season. The finale series was aired on May 6, 2004. It was watched by nearly 52.5 million US viewers, which made him the fifth highly watched series in the history of television.

It became the most-viewed TV show of the 2000s. The series got voted for 62 Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2002, it won the Outstanding Comedy Series award for its eighth season. It was ranked on 21st place on the list of Fifty Greatest TV Shows of All Time by TV Guide.

Net Worth of Friends Cast Net Worth in 2024

Friends Cast Net Worth
Friends Cast Net Worth

Friends, America’s most-watched, and beloved sitcom have been syndicated across various platforms with a massive net worth of $1 billion as of February 2024. Every key cast member of this show is a millionaire.

  1. Jennifer Aniston’s net worth is computed to be $300 million.

She acts, endorses, and produces shows. She was paid two million dollars for every episode, “The Morning Show.”

  1. Courteney Cox’s net worth is computed to be $150 million.

She earned $275,000 for every episode on the show. She $6 million in 2013 for the show, and became a spokeswoman for the advertisement of “Pantene.”

  1. Matthew Perry’s net worth is computed to be $120 million.

In addition to the show, he made his net worth by making investments in the super-smart real estate sector. In 2018, he sold his home at Hollywood Hills for $12.5 million.

  1. Lisa Kudrow’s net worth is computed to be $90 million.

In addition to the income she obtained from Friends show, she also made money from another show named Web Therapy and some savvy real estate deals that included selling a mansion in Park City, Utah, for over $3 million.

  1. David Schwimmer’s net worth is computed to be $ 85 million.

Besides earnings from Friends show, he also worked in Madagascar, and US Crime Story.

  1. Matt Leblanc’s net worth is computed to be $80 million.

Friends is the source of the large part of Matt LeBlanc’s money; he also has a few other lucrative projects. In 2016, he had made a deal of £2 million Top Gear hosting contract with BBC and a $200,000 per episode contract for Man With a Plan on CBS.

The smart and sophisticated comedy of the show garnered acclamation throughout its run. The loves laugh, and lives, of six young friends in New York, became a highly popular TV shows of all times.


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