Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham
Celebrated Name: Franklin Graham
Real Name/Full Name: William Franklin Graham III
Gender: Male
Age: 71 years old
Birth Date: 14 July 1952
Birth Place: Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 80 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Jane Austin Cunningham Graham (m. 1974)
Children: Yes (Will Graham, Jane Graham Lynch, Edward Bell Graham, Roy Austin Graham)
Profession: President of Samaritan’s Purse
Net Worth in 2024: $12 million
Last Updated: July 2024

Franklin Graham is an American politician. In addition to that, Graha advocates for Christianity to be included in America’s law. Graham is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association (BGEA) as well as Samaritan’s Purse. The latter is an international Christian relief organization. Additionally, Graham is an author and a public speaker.

Maybe you know about Franklin Graham very well But do you know how old and tall is he, and what is his net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Franklin Graham’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Franklin Graham was born in 1952 on 14th July to American Evangelist Billy Graham and Ruth Bell. He was born in Asheville, North Carolina, as William Franklin Graham III. Graham has four siblings, and he is the fourth born to his family.

During his teens, he schooled at The Stony Brook School, which is a Christian private school. Its location is Long Island, New York. However, he finished high school in North Carolina. After that, he joined Le Tourneau College in Longview, Texas. His stay there was cut short by expulsion after an indiscipline case. Graham had kept a female classmate out past curfew.

After the expulsion, Montreat College became his new school. Franklin graduated from there with an A.S. in 1974. His education did not stop that. Graham joined Appalachian State University and graduated with a B.A. in the year 1978.

Graham was only 22 years old when he experienced a conversion. He made a choice of committing himself to the Lord. In 1982, the Grace Community Church in Tempe, Arizona, ordained him.

Personal Life

His married life began in 1974 with Jane as his wife. She hails from Smithfield, North Carolina. The couple has four children, namely William, Roy, Edward, and Jane. Corey used to be National Football League Safety. Graham is a grandparent to eleven kids.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 14 July 1952, Franklin Graham is 71 years old as of today’s date 11th July 2024. His height is 1.87 m tall, and his weight is 80 kg.


As a born-again Christian, Graham accompanied Bob Pierce on a six-week mission to Asia. Bob was the founder of Samaritan’s Purse. The trip was in 1974. Pierce died in 1979, and that is when he became the president of Samaritan’s Purse. Currently, he is the only CEO.

In 1989, he started performing duties in his father’s church, which is the Billy Graham Evangelist Association. He was made the CEO in 2000. Two years later, he became president Graham’s carries out not less than Five Graham Festival as an evangelist of BGEA around the world annually.

In 1990 on 23rd. January, he was a guest on 100 Huntley Street. Between 29th November 2007 and 2nd December 2007, Graham spent his time in Hong Kong. He was the host of the Hong Kong Franklin Graham Festival.

So far, Graham has preached to over three million people.

Graham has also published The Name Miracle in a Shoe Box, A-wing and Prayer, and Kids Praying for kids, among others.

Awards & Achievements

In 1983, the Presidential Medal of Freedom was presented to him. Also, an honorary degree from Belmont Abbey College, Horatio Alger Award as well as Golden Plate Award among others.

Net Worth & Salary of Franklin Graham in 2024

Franklin Graham Net Worth
Franklin Graham Net Worth

As of July 2024, Franklin Graham has an estimated net worth of $12 million. Graham’s main source of income is his evangelist career. As of 2014, he was the Samaritan’s Purse’s most paid employee. He earned around $622 thousand per year. He currently receives both retirement contributions and a regular salary. In 2010, the Samaritan’s Purse made over $414 million.

It made more than $106 million and $112 million in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Franklin, however, gave up a salary at the evangelist association during the late economic downturn. The sales of his published work have also contributed to the net worth.

Graham is a Christian, as well as an evangelist. He is also a public speaker and author. Currently, Franklin is the CEO and president of BGEA. Also, the CEO of Samaritan’s Purse. People also know him as the son of Billy Graham, an American evangelist. The man has been serving the Lord since 1974.


  1. I really do not understand how one can be the most paid Employee of an organization such as Samaritan’s Purse while the goal is to benefit the less privileged! The net worth of 12 million and making millions every year! Personally, it seems one is possibly taking advantage of people who are underprivileged as in the Tennessee tornado situation, to gain more profit for oneself or an evangelistic association! When one is pleading for help for many others who are legitimately in need for sure, while they themselves are sitting on millions of dollars! This doesn’t make sense! If the concern is really there, where is the true sacrifice! As I understand sacrifice, it isn’t one until you have given something that costs you something! When someone is living in luxury and pleads with those who are often barely making ends meet to give of there meager, there may be reason to question the motive! It does not set a godly example When one is continuously getting richer by preying on the misfortune of others without making any real sacrifices of their own! I am a firm believer in giving, but true giving is making real sacrifices! As of 2014, 622 million per year?? “ The Love of money is the root of all evil”! It is very sad that people go through some very difficult times and FOR SURE there is GOOD WORK being done to help the needy; but HOW can one become so RICH while THOSE others supposedly concerned for, are lacking bare necessities; IF that is your real concern? There is something truly disturbing here! Call it what you like; there are people suffering from lack of food, clothing and shelter while we enjoy the pleasures of life and we CALL IT SACRIFICE ! God desires the sacrifice of our hearts, not of our hands!! David, a man after God’s own heart said “ I will not offer anything that costs me nothing”! Understand,I have no problem with people enjoying plenty, I have plenty myself; my issue is when YOU profit YOURSELF off the misfortunes of others by pleading for public help, all the while you are enjoying the luxuries of life! It appears to me that this is just a modern day example of God’s house being used as a den of thieves! Modern day evangelists are filling their pockets at the expense of the less fortunate and playing on others’ sympathy of disastrous circumstances! Jesus told the rich young ruler “ Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. And when he heard this, he went away sorrowful: for he was very rich. Luke 18:22-23 Jesus also tells me that “ it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. We as a society are using religion to promote our own agenda in the name of Jesus Christ; YET our barns are filled to running over and in need to BUILD BIGGER barns! We are sending a wrong message to many lost souls because of our own self-indulgence of the material world and monetary gain! “ Clouds without rain”! I am afraid the “ love of money” is overshadowing the “ love of the soul”! Pray that we are not guilty of deceiving others by a false profession, but worse, deceiving ourselves for the love of money!

    • Ms. Shepgerd–do you have any personal knowledge or proof to back up your accusations of wrong doing or miss use of any funds or monies earned from either The Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc. or Samaritan’s Purse–by Rev. Franklin Graham? Just because someone’s “net worth” is in the millions or billions of even thousands of dollars–doesn’t mean–that person is misusing or defrauding–anyone!! You should really be ashamed of yourself!! Rev. Graham and his Father Rev. Billy Graham–have spent and Franklin now spends many hours traveling to preach the Gospel to see people saved and restored and also to see people helped and Blessed–after a natural disaster–completely wipes peoples lives and property away–through the Ministry of Samaritan’s Purse!! Blessings to you!!

      • What he is saying is Frank is getting wealthy off of Jesus. If he sincerely believes Jesus is returning why is he storing up treasure on earth? He is the highest paid CEO of a non profit in the country. He is a pig

    • Do you know how much $12 million dollars is? In today’s world, that is not much for someone who has worked the hours and hours and years and years this man has. Apparently, you are not familiar with Samaritan’s Purse. I support this organiztion and will continue to do so. To be so judgmental is amazing as a Christian. Every storm, every natural disaster, even today with COVID-19, Samaritan’s Purse disptaches 18-wheelers — plural — numerous trucks to deliver goods to people. They have set up a 68-bed hospital in New York Central Park with volunteers to help those with the coronavirus. Do you see Nancy Pelosi — who is worth of $250 million dollars as a Congressman — putting out money for anything for these people. No! Clintons? No! Obama? No. They pretend to be a non-profit and steal from it. Do your research, please.

    • The Bible also commands us not to judge. The man is blessed by God and will answer to God only. Not you or any other person. When you can hover above water, as Christ, then you can toss stones at a Man of God.

    • You stated as of 2014, $622 million a year. His salary as a CEO was $622 thousand a year, not million. His books, his speaking engagements, wealth acquired from inheritance, many different things could contribute to his total net worth. His organization does a lot to help poverty and people world wide.

    • Mr. Shepgerd hit the nail on the head with his commentary. He has good spiritual insight into the situation of Mr. Graham with his riches and not really sacrificing himself, all the while working for a relief organization that promotes reaching down to the lowest of the low. Maybe Mr. Graham gives away a few of his millions each year for some of the deep tragedies around the world. I should give more myself. Blessings, Mr. Shepgerd.

  2. My girlfriend just sent me an article by Franklin Graham. I replied back that I think he is a fraud, period. I have disagreed with many things he has said in previous years. In the email he says he puts his trust in God not in money, politics or Washington. What a fraud! I feel so much better after seeing your message.

    • Ms. Valoris–what proof do you have that Mr. Franklin Graham is a fraud? Is your opinion based on the fact that his “net worth” is approx. 12 million dollars? Do you have any idea how much of his salary or “net worth”–that he might give away to his own ministries and/or to other churches or people that are in need of help (food, clothing, housing)? Why be so judgemental until you know all the facts?!

      • He supports Donald Trump who is a liar, murderer, (2 people took chloroquine husband died because Trump said it was good,) Kurds, Ukraines. Locks up children in cages, cheats people out of $ Trump University, was impeached, cheated on his wife many times, War Time prez, what? He escaped VietNam and avoided Syphilis with bone spurs and golfs every weekend. Wants to start up country again with over 40,000 cases of Corona. This is who Frank supports, its all about the money with people like him or Tammy Faye, etc. I am a born again believer, Jesus walks with the poor and disabled, the weak, the sinners etc. Why doesn’t frank and trump donate a hotel or two to the real heroes of this world, the janitors, police people, nurses doctors, cashiers and many many more. Franklin could give a couple million to the cause for masks and ventilators. That’s what real, Christianity is about not saying ”You are saved” as they take your money. John McCain, Marie Yovanavitch, William Taylor, Mitt Romney, Mother Theresa are the real bearers of the faith. I have to leave now because I am going to the streets in Kensington, Philadelphia to feed the homeless because people are starving because of this Invisible Disease. Sir God Bless, God knows our hearts and we know our consciences. I am not judging you but Denise was expressing her frustration with a lot that is going on in this world. Thanks, Marie

        • Marie – “ Judge not, that ye be not judged!” Straight from Gods word !
          You have a warped idea of Gods words!
          I can give you more – “Let the one amongst you that is without sin , cast the first stone !” Can you truly say you have no sin ? No one can , no not one !
          You owe President Trump a apology !
          Unless you are perfect and without sin !
          I am not as I am human and try every day to be better – how about you ?

        • Nicer people would say it much better.. But you are an idiot. 2 people died from taking chloroquine. How many have been saved by it? Do bone spurs prevent syphilis? 40,000 cases of Corona? Between 04/09 and 04/10 there were between 43 and 89 million cases of swine flu in the US with between 8,868 and 18,306 deaths. No shut down of anything and the press still loved Obama. The same Obama who’s immigration department began the practice of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents and locking them up in cages. The person who compiled these stats would have you believe they have a clue how much anybody beyond themselves gives in the offering plate. Perhaps they give as Jesus said, ‘But when you give to the needy do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing’. Matt. 3:6. That said I am shocked at how lucrative the ministry can be.

          • Wow that’s what Sodom and Gomorrah thought. But we see that those two cities was destroyed because of there wickedness (homosexuality). Unless the gay man or woman repents for their sins and turns from there wicked ways then yes they too hear depart from me ye workers of iniquities I never knew you. And my friend they will spend eternity in Hell.

        • Hey, Marie Valoris, Trump was recommending ‘Hydroxychlorquine’ (as were doctors across the globe) because it had shown remarkable results for people with coronavirus. He also specifically said he wanted to see more doctors prescribe it.

          The nitwits in Arizona ate ‘Chloroquine Phosphate’ which they found in their house. It is used to clean fish tanks. They didn’t consult a doctor, they just ate it.

          They died because of their own stupidity, not ‘Trump’.

        • Wow! If you believe all of this, you will believe anything. Judge not that you be not judged. Both Graham and Trump are benevolent men who give to and help others without tooting their own horn. If we serve God here on earth and tell or brag about it we will not receive glory in heaven. Don’t think they don’t give a lot to others in the name of God because you don’t know what they do in private. Franklin Graham cannot possibly do what he does without compassion and that surely leads to his own giving of resources and time. Have you looked at how tired and old he is looking lately. He probably gives very sacrificial of his time!

        • LOL, I’ve heard all the things you’ve accused him of doing but don’t you think with as much scrutiny he’s been through all your accusations would have been found out , exposed, and prosecuted ? Of course they would have. There’s never been a man , presidency or not who has been examined as thoroughly ad has he.
          Personally, I don’t like the man but I look at facts, not garbage from MSM’s or online. IF you’re an honest person you’ll have to agree. IF your not an honest person, just go ahead and believe any lie you hear.
          Have a good day. And by the way, Jesus Christ loves you !!!

      • I couldn’t disagree more with denese’s contempt for Trump, however, I’m sorry, but taking over $600,000 a year in salary from a charity, more than a cardiac surgeon makes, is disgusting, any way you slice it. If he wanted to give that money to charitable causes, he could distribute those funds as CEO without taking anything near 600000+ as personal income, the man is a fraud, and when he goes to humbly tell the lord all the great things he did for him, unless he repents, he’ll hear the words “depart from me, I did not know you”. Franklin goes around telling marginalized LGBT youth, many whom have been rejected by their families, that they’re going to Hell. God wouldnt do that, the poor gay kid just spent 50 years on the same planet as this man of a perverse gospel, Gods not gonna make him hang out with Franklin for the rest of eternity.

  3. Enriching yourself through the use of Christian evangelism, blindly following those who love money above all else, closing your mind to factual realities taking place around us, crying fake news every time you hear something that challenges your views, and most of all sharping the true message of Jesus Christ.

  4. God is sovereign and He is in charge. If people want to hold back money when they are able to give, that is Gods business. Politicians all have been caught in lies. What we know is that we are to pray for our leaders even if we hate their politics I have been guilty of all of these offences and so I must recommit to the fact that God is sovereign and I must look to him and not leaders and pastors who may or may not respond in the way we would like to see. God bless

  5. I would guarantee that the Graham’s give a MINIMUM of 10% of their earnings (personal, ministry, etc.) to charities. Not counting what they give above that. How much do you give of your earnings to charities? “Judge not lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7:1-3) The Bible states that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil , not money itself. (1 Timothy 6:10). We (as Christians) are to reign as Kings in life by Christ Jesus. (Romans 5:17). Perhaps, as I once did, you should fall to your knees and ask Christ to come into your heart and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Then when you read articles such as this one it won’t be like reading someone else’s mail.

  6. God is very much alive and already has his plan of action in place! Trust only in the Lord and reap all his wonderful rewards!! Let’s pray for each other, especially families in these uncertain times. Give back sacrificially for Maximizing our Blessings in this world. Quite frankly, being able to wake up each day, pain free and breathing normally is Priceless! God Bless Us All and continue to keep us as we dialogue with Healthy Cognitive minds.

  7. Is his income including his book sales. I love him and what he does to make the World a better place by winning souls. It just seems that $600K salary + ??? is a little on the high side. What we don’t know is how much of that salary he personally gives to other ministry’s which may be substantial,

  8. No pastors or CEO’s etc. should be paid a quarter or half a million dollars salaries each year or be millionaires while begging for money from mostly poor people to give to their ministry. Yes they are helping many peoples but why should they be getting rich on us???

  9. Franklin Graham supportsTrump. That says a lot about Franklin’s spiritual walk with God. There is a reason Christ stayed out of politics!! (God did not let the Jews conquer the Romans when Christ came the first time). Church and state must be kept separate!!!!


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