FPSRussia is a widely popular Twitch and a YouTube channel that features explosives and firearms. Each video that is uploaded on the channel educates users about the history, and characteristics of the weapons that the video creator “Myers” is going to use in that video. Since the year of launch, the FPSRussia channel has garnered the seven million-subscribers.

One of the things that people like about this channel is that Myers uses a large set of varying pieces of equipment with weapons that are featured in the videos. Some of the most-watched videos on this channel include a golden AK-47, a .50 BMG rifle, an armoured troop carrier and a Bofors 40 mm programmed anti-aircraft cannon.


Myers started his YouTube channel “FPSRussia” on April 19, 2010. It is one of the most famous “explosive and guns” channel on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, he started uploading videos from other popular YouTubers that includes xSocrates.

Due to Myers’ interest in ammunition, he thought to create videos on explosives and show to people how they work in real life.

The information that he provided on his videos helped people to compare how these explosives are represented in video games, movies, and TV shows. When he was working at a car dealership, most of his fellow workers were Russian. He then got the idea of making videos in “Russian” accent.

He got interested in imitating his accent and used it to create the video character “Dimitri” and filmed firing guns on the family farmhouse in Georgia. Myers also operates a third YouTube channel called FPSRussiaTV. After a pause of nine-months on January 10, 2014, he started making and uploading videos on YouTube.  From April 2016, the channel became inactive.


After the success of FPSRussia, Myers laid the foundation of his second YouTube channel as “MoreFPSRussia”. In July 2011, he teamed up with “Epic Meal”. With this partnership, he garnered more than 8.793 million views on his YouTube videos.

Myers’ character features the live-fire segment of prime web series “Machinima.com” named “The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter”.

On October 29, 2012, the channel creator made an appearance in a live-action trailer “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” as the character named “Dmitri”. This trailer was directed by Guy Ritchie.

In December 2012, Myers came up with a successful Kickstarter campaign, named “FPS Russia: The Game”. It was released in March 2013 for iOS devices on the App Store with his fellow developer named Zaah. In the year 2014, FPSRussia got ranked at 78th position on Top 100 Channels on NewMediaRockstars.

Since the year 2010, he has been anchoring on the “Painkiller Already” podcast in association with a few other known YouTuber personalities.

On January 6, 2013, one of the key members of the production team of FPSRussia’s named Keith Ratliff got killed in his firearm store.  Ratliff was the one who used to obtain the firearms that were used in the creation of the videos.

After the death of Ratliff, the production of videos of the FPSRussia channel came to a halt. This continued till February 19, 2013.

Awards & Achievements

In 2014, FPSRussia occupied 78th place on Top hundred YouTube Channels listed on NewMediaRockstars.

FPSRussia has been the winner of Webby Awards 2013 For Call Of Duty: Black Ops II.  

The success of FPSRussia led to the creation of another YouTube channel as “MoreFPSRussia”.

With the association with “Epic Meal” In July 2011, the channel earned more than 8 million views on his videos.

In 2012, the channel creator got an opportunity to appear in the trailer “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” that registered massive success.

In March 2013, FPSRussia led to another successful campaign, “FPS Russia: The Game” with the support of fellow game developer “Zaah”.

Net Worth of FPSRussia in 2024

FPSRussia Net Worth
FPSRussia Net Worth

FPSRussia is one of the highly followed YouTube channels that has gained more than 835 million video views and 6.5 million subscribers on the YouTube channel. This official YouTube channel of Georgian Weapons has made a major part of its income from the revenues collected from the popularity of the videos, and the advertisements that run on the channel. The release of a live-action trailer as “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” a direction by Guy Ritchie earned a lot of success. The net worth of the FPSRussia channel is calculated to be $800 thousand as of April 2024.

FPSRussia is one of the successful digital platforms to learn about the different types of weapons and explosives. The video content serves as the best means to teach the audience about its utility, attributes, and distinctive features.


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