Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in July 1903. It is an American based motor company. It has its main headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit. Ford motor’s company is commonly known as Ford. It sells commercial vehicles and automobiles under the Ford brand.

There are also luxurious cars which are sold under the brand Lincoln. The method of large-scale manufacturing of cars was introduced by Ford and even the largescale management of an industrial workforce, which use elaborated reengineered manufacturing sequences which are typified by moving assembly lines.

Ford is the second-largest motor company based in the US and also the fifth largest in the world. In the year 1956 is when the company went public, whereby the Ford family retain 40% voting rights through the class B shares. There was a financial crisis at the beginning of the first century, which made food to be closed due to bankruptcy. It was later able to return to profitability. It was ranked the eleven American based company in the year 2008 in the fortune 500 lists. Ford was able to produce 5.532 million automobiles and employed around 213,000 people in about 90 facilities and plants worldwide.


The Ford company was the first attempt of Henry Ford in car manufacturing and was established on 3 November 1901. It later became the Cadillac company on 22 August 1902 after the leaving of Ford, who took with him the right of his name. Henry Ford was 39 years old when he founded the Ford company. It would go on to become the world’s largest and among the most profitable companies. It has been in continuous control of the family for over 100 years now, and it is among the largest companies controlled by the family.

The first automobile, which was powered by gasoline, was created in 1885 by a German inventor Carl Benz. There was a need for more efficient production, methods to be able to make automobiles affordable for people in the middle class. Ford was able to achieve this by introducing the first moving assembly line at the Ford factory in Highland Park in the year 1913.

In an attempt to compete with General Motors mid-priced Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile, Ford was able to create the Mercury in 1939, which was a higher price companion for Ford Henry.

Ford subsidiaries in Germany produced military vehicles and some other equipment for Naxi Germany’s war effort.

From 1956 Ford offered a lifeguard safety package that was inclusive of innovations such as optional front, standard deep dish, and there was the introduction of seatbelts and padded dash for the first time in a car.


On 17 April 1964, there was the introduction of the Ford mustang during the New York world’s fair. The seatbelt reminder light was introduced in 1965 by Ford.

There was the reporting of the most significant annual loss in the company history by the automaker in the year 2006. The loss amounted to $12.7 billion. It was estimated that Ford could not return to profitability until 2009. Ford was, however, able to surprise Wall Street in the second quarter of the year 2007 when it posted a profit of $750 million. It, however, finished the year of a loss amounting to $2.7 billion despite the huge gain. Which hugely attributed to restricting of finances at Volvo.

In April 2016, the was an announcement by Ford to plan on modernizing its Dearborn engineering and campuses headquarters through a building project which would take ten years. The final result would help in doubling the number of employees working in these areas to 24000.

In February 2017, the Ford company acquired the Argo AI majority ownership, which is a self-driving car startup. Later in May the same year, the company announced to reduce its workforce amid efforts to be able to address the company’s declining share price and also improve on the profits.

On 25 April 2018, there was an announcement by Ford stating that it would discontinue passenger cars in the North American Marketing the four years that were to follow. Except for the Mustang due to the reduced profitability and demand. There was the Focus Active, which was a crossover SUV based on the newly unveiled focus of the fourth generation, which was intended to be marketed in the US. Due to china’s manufacturing vehicles. Ford announced later that it would not release the Focus Active in the US because there were tariffs which were imposed by the Trump administration on exports from China.

Ford had evolved in different ways since when it was founded. Its logo was able to evolve in the following years in that order.1903,1907,1909,1922,1912,1912 variants ,1927,1957,1976,2003 and 2017.

Awards and Achievements

Ford is very proud to be recognized as one of the best motor companies in the US. It is one of the longest standing company ran by a family. They have received very many awards about their high-quality vehicles. Ford has won different awards in the following years, 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015, and also in 2016.

Net Worth of Ford in 2024

Ford Net Worth
Ford Net Worth

The market gap gives a sense of the market value of a company. It is also based entirely on market sentiment. There are changing opinions of investors whereby the market can change hourly. As of ’July, Ford company is worth $270 billion.

The Ford automotive and vehicle company has been able to achieve very much since it started operating. It has made vast amounts of Wealth from the sale of cars and also earned a lot of fame, especially to the family that owns the company. Investors should be able to emulate the Ford company to set a good base for their investments. It will enable them to be able to get high returns and to establish a world-class business.


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