Flip Or Flop
Flip Or Flop

Flip or Flop is a television film that usually deals with real estate, and It is estimated that each of the two partners is worth more than $5 million. It deals with the value of the real estate and what can be done to improve the value of the property. The show usually airs in HGTV (Home and Garden Television).

The shows have successfully been recorded and aired for seven seasons. The shows are usually hosted by a man and a woman. The names of the two hosts are Tarek El Moussa and Christine El Moussa. The two had been a couple for some time until their unexpected divorce. They still host the show together.


Flip or Flop television was created in the year 2013 in April. Its creation was not first planned as they did not see themselves hosting a show on a TV. In the year 2011, Tarek requested a friend to help them shoot a video mainly to test waters in HGTV. The friend agreed to his request and went ahead to record the process of selling a house from the beginning to the end. Once they completed the filming of the episode, they sent it to the headquarters of HGTV. Once the HGTV received the tape, they were impressed with the tape. It was a new fresh idea, and they felt it would help them gain viewers.

That made them decide to hold talks with the couple. The talks went well, and they agreed to sign a contract in the year 2012. The show mainly focused on buying properties that had lost value and the renovations that can be done to increase the value of the property.

The hosts of the show did the outstanding job as the show had much viewership. Christine was born in Anaheim, California. She was born in 1983 on July 9th. Her parents’ names are yet unknown. After college, she was licensed as a Real estate dealer. Tarek was born in the year 1981, on August 21st. He was born in Southern California. He is a licensed Real Estate dealer.

The two got married and officially became a couple in the year 2009. This couple has since been blessed with three children. The two children are named Taylor Reese, and a boy named Brayden James. The couple separated in the year 2016. That was not in the public domain. In January 2017, after Tarek filed for a divorce, the public learned that all had not been well with the couple.

Early Stage

When both Christine and Tarek met, the two agreed mutually to be business partners and start a real estate company. That was in the year 2007. In the year 2008, they suffered their first loss in the real estate business. That was after the stock market crash. They had to adjust to a new lifestyle to solve the problems they were having. In this effect, they went from living a $6000 per month house to a lower house of $700 per month house.

After they signed a deal with HGTV, their prospects continued to rise. They bought estate property that had lost value and renovated it and went ahead to resell it at a profit. All this was recorded, and later, it was aired. With each episode, they showed the dos and the don’ts in the real estate business. Christine was the main person behind all the designs of spaces. She helps to keep all designs within time as well.

The couple has successfully co-hosted together Seven episodes of Flip or Flop show. Despite their divorce, the couple agreed together to host the show despite no longer living together and annulling their marriage.

The couple also hosts a seminar ‘Success Path Education.’ This seminar mainly tries to help new investors in the real estate industry to try to eliminate common mistakes that are made when you are new in the industry.

They have together continued to run their company together and also host the show ‘Flip or Flop.’

Award and Achievements

Flip or Flop show has gone a long way to educate people on the process and the right way to deal with real estate renovation. That has enabled people to minimize the cost of renovation and be able to sell their property at the right value.

The net worth of Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop Net Worth
Flip or Flop Net Worth

As of April 2024, The hosts of Flip or Flop show has an estimated combined net worth value of $10 million. Separately, each of them is worth over $5 million. The main source of their income has been from Flip or Flop show. Apart from the show, another source of income is their company in which they sell estates. They have also achieved a good amount of income from being invited to conferences to talk about Estate management and sale. All the above factors have contributed to their current net worth.

Christine and Tarek despite the marriage troubles they have had, it is to say that they have been successful real estate dealers. Their show, Flip, or Flip has made them international personalities. It will be interesting to see if they will continue working together in co-hosting the show and their company. Whichever way they decide, the future is bright for them in the real estate industry.


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