Fine Bros
Fine Bros

Fine Bros (Also known as Fine Brothers, The Fine Brothers, Fine Bros, TheFineBros) are online producers, directors, and writers, who are best recognized for their React video series, its many timed-spoiler type series, descriptive web series, and even for making “transmedia” sitcom right on youtube, i.e. MyMusic. It is also famous for its Fine Brothers channel, which has more than 5 billion views and more than 15 million subscribers.

Early Life

Fine Bros is composed of Benny Fine (born in the year 1981) and Rafi Fine (born in the year 1983). These brothers were brought up during the 1990s within an Orthodox Jewish based family inside Brooklyn.

These brothers have mentioned that they are engaged in preparing videos nearly their whole life. Of them, Benny is known as an elder brother, who would rope his younger brother named Rafi for creating every type of strange stuff.

It is known that Benny began studying in college when he was of age 15, whereas Rafi appeared in Dickinson College for a span of two years prior to moving towards Hunter College, wherein he received a degree within film studies.


Fine Bros started off his career by entertaining their associates through short sketches as well as full-length type comedies shot through action figures.

These brothers have mentioned that they have made a live-action feature during the year 2000, which created its way to comedy film festivals; also, they were deciding to make a feature every year, expecting that one feature will instantly assist these brothers to make a career in Hollywood.

In spite of winning young filmmaker awards, these brothers soon arrived at the decision that the method will not serve as the finest path and confirmed that their future would be on the base of online, which they have watched during the time like the latest film festival.

These brothers have made their initial website during the year 2003 and posted their initial web video during the year 2004. Moreover, they have broken their features to 10-to-15-minute parts to display the feature in front of the audience.

They have utilized their website as well as early online tasks in the form of a discoverability tool that would present them to traditional film. Also, in the year 2004, these brothers have made a feature-length live-action comedy entitled G.I. Joe: The Epic Saga, prior to starting to post even more sketch as well as comedy content on websites like MySpace.

Awards & Achievements:

Fine Bros has won 39th Daytime Emmy Awards in the category of Best Viral Video Series for Kids React. The duo also won Inaugural IAWTV Awards in the category of Best Variety Web Series for Kids React and won 3rd Streamy Awards in the category of Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series.

Net Worth of Fine Bros:

Fine Bros Net Worth
Fine Bros Net Worth

As of July 2024, Fine Bros has an estimated net worth of $12 million. The duo makes most of its income with his career as online producers, directors, and writers.

Through more than seven Billion total views, this duo has made an empire, and by the year 2017, their net worth is of level, which only a few can attain. Its React segments have completely burst with popularity with 15,840,157 subscribers and 5,507,195,876 views.

This duo experienced got the achievement on youtube in which their major channel named TheFineBros (afterward retitled as Fine Brothers Entertainment, and presently known as FBE), possesses over 14 million subscribers as well as 3.8 billion video views as of February of 2016.

This duo even possesses secondary channels, below the name, i.e. TheFineBros2, which started in the year 2009.

Fine Bros is one of the famous duos to date, which succeeded in attaining global fame. Apart from popular series which the duo have produced, posted, and directed, these brothers also uploaded popular interactive youtube videos.

Till now, they have posted many videos on youtube with many views and subscribers. This duo has always focused on being creative and directed to their huge success in terms of fame and wealth.


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