Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is an American based fast-fashion retailer. Its headquarter is in Los Angeles, California. Fashion Nova is spread across southern California, where it has five stores inside the malls. The company operates online as well as in stores. It ranked among the top google fashion brands in 2018 by drubbing the brands like Zara, Louis Vuitton.

Fashion Nova is not like any other brand where you can find clothes at a very high rate. Most of Fashion Nova’s clothes are marked under $100. Its models are some well-known celebrities. Fashion Nova understands the need of the customer as now a day’s most people live on their feed and on Instagram.


Fashion Nova, the fashion brand, was established by its CEO Richard Saghian in 2006. He started his career by working at his father’s boutique in Los Angeles. The company, Fashion Nova, first opened its shop in Panorama City, Los Angeles, inside the mall selling its first inexpensive “club-wear” attire. Fashion Nova has its stockroom in Vernon, Los Angeles.

Fashion Nova offers its customers a wide range of clothing from maternity clothes to Men’s garments to the larger and curvaceous body types to stunning body types. It has all to satisfy its customers.

Fashion Nova now expanded its business by delivering worldwide. The company released its first Halloween outfit line in 2018. The company’s significant income or deals come mainly from its online business. The company took to Instagram and other social media to promote its brand, and on Instagram, it has over 15.9 million adherents. There are many well- known celebrities who promote the brand and post photographs.


Fashion Nova now has over 600 employees in marketing, social media personnel, customer care, and other staff as well. It has models called ‘Novababes’ who are having uniformly curvaceous body types, women squeezing in tight ripped jeans, body-conscious velvet dresses, and lace-up bodysuits.

These women, as models, though having a similar body as their favorite stars, are not celebrities. They are the mostly the influencers model for fashion Nova. This company’s ground name is solely focused on social media rather than having a spread as boutiques or in magazines. Fashion Nova knows how to reach its customers and their needs.

Fashion Nova has influencers who have a huge fan following on Instagram, and it grew based on them. It supplies clothing accessories to these influencers for free, and in return, they just have to post their pictures along with the brand’s clothes wearing for their Instagram feed.  These influencers influence their followers to buy clothes by their codes, and that’s how basically the company Fashion Nova expanded.

The models for Fashion Nova are known to have an hourglass figure with fuller lips and packed with beauty. The company wouldn’t entice the buyers if it were not the models. From men’s garment to maternity clothes to plus size clothes, name it, you get all here. It has around 3000, web-based life influencers.

The celebrities like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose all have been spotted wearing the brand pants, which ordinarily cost around $40.

The company has around 5000 sewing manufacturing plants all over Los Angeles.

The brand refreshes its Instagram channels in every half n hour and spends its time in search of trending styles and sends it to their design team, who can prepare the sample products in less than 24 hours.  Then depending on the quantity evolved, the brand starts selling its products within a week or two.

The brand’s products are cheap in comparison to the other brands. It’s shoe costs around $30 for ankle boots, around $55 for high heels. The brand’s dress costs as low as $28 to not more than $40.

In 2018, fashion Nova released its first collaboration with Cassie Ventura. It released its line rapper with Cardi B in 2019, which got sold out within minutes. Kim Kardashian wore a Thierry Mugler gown in the recent Hollywood Beauty Awards.  Fashion Nova within few hours designed the sample, and photographed a model wearing it. People were shocked to see how fast Fashion Nova worked.

Fashion Nova’s website helps you to search according to your requirements and guides you through the available products. It also allows discounts and it’s easy to use.

Awards & Achievements

Fashion Nova became one of the fastest-growing fashion retail brands in less than three years. I hope it would increase its business and expands. In the fashion market, it has been ranked No. 26.

Net Worth & Salary of Fashion Nova in 2024

Fashion Nova Net Worth
Fashion Nova Net Worth

The CEO of the company Richard Saghian refused to disclose any profit or net worth of the company but said the company increased its sales by 600% in 2018. As of April 2024, the company has over $450 million net worth.

Fashion Nova, the huge brand which worked hard in just a short span of three years, has only social media influencers. It rarely spread in magazines. For the people who rely on their feed and living online, Fashion Nova is just the right place for them.


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