DuPont de Nemours, Inc. is a famous American Company which was formed by merging DuPont and Dow Chemical on 31st August in 2017. It was one of the largest sales chemical Companies. Within one and a half years, this company split into three traded companies that focused on products, material science, and agriculture. The agriculture division is known as Corteva. The chairman of the company is Fettig, and CEO is Edward Breen. The company ranks at 35th number in FORTUNE 500 list of 2018.


On 11th December in 2015, Old Dupont Company announced merging with DOW CHEMICAL through all stock transactions. The company, DOWDUPONT, had a net worth of $130 billion having equal shareholders. On 31st August, in 2017, two big chemical companies in the US got closed. Both of the company directors decided that DowDuPont would decide to make material science, products, and agriculture companies. The company’s agricultural unit handles seed and crop protection with revenue of around $16 billion.

The company’s special product unit handles the manufacture of industrial biosciences, nutrition & health, and safety. This special products company earned around $12 billion. The separate advisory committee was established for each of the units. Ed Breen leads special products and agriculture committees while Andrew Liveris managed the material science unit. In the year 2018, the agricultural unit of the company was named as Corteva Agriscience. The special product unit was called DuPont.


In 2018, it was announced that Jeff Fettig would become chairman of the company, DowDuPont on 1st July in 2018. On 1st April in 2018, Jim Fitterling will become CEO of DOW CHEMICAL company. In the same year, the company’s agricultural unit recorded a loss of $4.6 billion when the sales term lowered. In the year 2019, the spin-off from DowDuPont was completed by DuPont Company alone. In February 2020, the company announced that Edward D. Breen would be the CEO of the company again. The CFO position was given to Lori D. Koch, who was the head of investor relations.

Awards & achievements

The company hasn’t won any awards until now, but more than 98,000 employees are working for it. After the evolution of the company, it has developed within two years and now serving globally with remarkable products. In 2018, the company ranked on the 35th number in the FORTUNE 500 list of 2019. The company is likely to win many more awards in the future for its work and has achieved a lot in a short span.

Net worth of DuPont in 2024

DuPont Net Worth
DuPont Net Worth

As of April 2024, The net worth of DuPont Company is around $15 billion, which has been earned in more than 200 years as it was established a long time ago. The DuPont family doesn’t run the company now, but a substantial amount of wealth goes into their pockets. The company started as a gunpowder manufacturer, but then it expanded towards paints, plastics, dynamite, and dyes manufacturing.

Even after the newly developed units of the company, it has become quite successful in all areas. Once, the European Commission also opened a probe to assess if the proposed merger was in the EU regulations. The company did investigations related to petrochemicals, seeds, and crop protection. The company got involved in controversies due to environmental violations. In the year 2018, it was also fined with $3 million for it. Other than that, the company hasn’t violated any rules or regulations. It has been a successful company of all time until now.


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