Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a Popular American Youtube group that is famous for entertaining people through comedy and sports has five members. All the members of the group used to play basketball together in high school, and have been together during their college days as well.

Early Life

American entertainment group that is making waves across Youtube through their content providing sports updates has twin brothers Cory and Coby Cotton, along with Cody Jones along with Garrett Hilbert, and the popular Tyler Toney as its members. The members of the group not only played basketball together in high school but were also roommates during their college days at A&M University in Texas.

The formation of the group was very sudden and not planned. It so happened that the boys were betting on sandwiches through shots of basketball being played in the backyard. These were taped on camera and released online, thus making the group popular. It was able to get 100,000 views in just a week of upload.

One of the trick shot video released by the group has more than 18 Million views as of today. For all the 100,000 views received on this video, the group decided to sponsor anyone child through Compassion International.


The group is known mainly for its trick shot videos along with the stereotype series that they release often, these series are kind of silly but still manage to get the group more than Ten Million views on each video. Their followers as of 2017 have crossed 20 Million, and the number of views on their videos has crossed 3 Billion.

One of the most popular videos that have been released by the group includes ‘Ping Pong Trick Shots’, which has been viewed more than 100 Million times! The group has also got the chance to feature on ESPN’s multiple shows like ‘E: 60’, ‘Around the Horn,’ ‘Pardon the Interruption,’ and ‘SportsNation.’

They also went on to introduce what is called a ‘Panda Mascot’ and can be seen often in basketball games of Texas A&M. The group has worked for a few of the leading names, including professional athletes as well as celebrities. Some of these leading names include Jason Belmonte, Tyreke Evans, Johnny Manziel, Tim McGraw, Ricky Stenhouse, Ryan Tannehill and more.

The group even went on to release their own mobile handset in 2013, followed by a book of their own by the name ‘Go Big.’ The group was able to grow their social media following significantly last year, and have been successfully able to break several records of the Guinness Books. They launched a television series of their own in 2016, along with a Face-Off videos series on another Youtube Channel.

Awards & Achievement

The group has gained a crazy amount of followers on social media which is way more than getting any awards or trophies. They have also been able to successfully establish a Guinness World Record of having the greatest number of viewers and subscribers in just one month, which also made one of the 13th most subscribed Youtube channels.

Net Worth of Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect Net Worth
Dude Perfect Net Worth

As of December 2023, Dude Perfect has been able to establish a net worth of $25 million successfully. The members of the group not only make a lot of money but also put it to good causes of human development.

Dude Perfect is one of the greatly loved and enjoyed entertainment groups across the world. They have kept us entertained for long, and will hopefully continue to do so through their videos, thus adding on to their existing list of followers


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