DK4L collectively stands for YouTube vloggers De’arra Taylor and Kenneth Walker. The duo came up with the YouTube channel De’arra & Ken 4 Life which has 6.07 million subscribers and 765.5 million views. The channel was created in 2014, and they later came up with another YouTube channel.

The two have also appeared on TV and in film. The Atlanta-based YouTube sensation has a large audience, and they are often compared to Jay Z and Beyonce. However, they separated in August 2021 and stopped uploading content on shared channels.


DK4L comprises De Arra Vashae Taylor who was born in Tennessee on April 17, 1996. Ken Walker, on the other hand, was born on August 12, 1994, in Georgia. The two first met each other at Atlanta’s fast food restaurant in 2014. At that time, Walker used to work at a hardware store, and Taylor recently completed high school.

They soon started posting pictures on Instagram. In December 2014, they came up with the YouTube channel. De’arra & Ken 4 Life. The content of the channel was light-hearted vlogging. This went on to become highly successful, and they became popular.

With sheer dedication, they came up with another channel called Vlogs by DK4L in October 2015. In the channel, the duo used to document their daily life along with travels. As of 2021, Vlogs by DK4L has received 287.21 million views and has amassed 2.86 million subscribers.

Additionally, they have also been successful enough to appear in the reality streaming TV series called Fight of the Living Dead. Together as DK4L, Walker and Taylor were also seen in the movie Boo 2! A Madea Halloween in 2017. Unfortunately, things did not turn good, and they came up with a video in August 2021 regarding their separation.


DK4L has been successful enough to grab the Creator Awards. However, one of their greatest achievements is to amass millions of subscribers on their YouTube channels. They have received combined YouTube views of over 1 billion. Their total subscriber is 8.93 million. This certainly is a huge achievement and to properly utilize the entertainment.

Net Worth of DK4L in 2024

DK4L Net Worth
DK4L Net Worth

With the popularity of DK4L, they were able to make over $400,000 a year. Their second channel has made them earn $300,000 annually. In doing so, DK4L was able to make $700,000 a year. As of July 2024, The estimated net worth of DK4L is about $4 million.

That’s a huge achievement and they continue to have views on their popular videos. They also earn through various commercials, advertisements, and endorsement deals. With this, they have gone to share the status of an icon and maintain a luxurious life.

DK4L has witnessed a huge fan following after they became popular on YouTube. They also have many followers on Instagram. Even they announced to part ways in 2021, it has been reported that the couple got engaged secretly in January 2022. The couple had their engagement in Santorini, Greece. This was uploaded on Instagram by Kenneth Walker, and the news really surprised us.


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