Disney is an American diversified multinational mass media company that has offered endless entertainment for a long time to a large number of people. It was headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios complex in California.


Disney was founded on 16 October 1923 by brothers Roy O. Disney and Walt. At that time, it was named as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. The other names of it were The Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions. In the year 1986, the brothers officially adopted the name Walt Disney Company. The company established itself as the leader in the American animation industry, and later it diversified into several categories such as television, action film production and theme parks, and many more.

Walt Disney, who also works as an animator, also created Alice’s Wonderland Film, and it was a subsequent movie after the Laugh O Gram Studio. Walt was residing at the Kansas City in Missouri. But his idea of Alice’s Wonderland Creation failed, and later, he left Hollywood. Later, he joins his brother Roy, and they formed Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio that was proposed by a film distributor, Margaret J. Winkler. The creation of Disney Studio leads a growth toward the success of brothers, and they gain high name, fame, and wealth in their careers.


The completion of the Alice Comedies led to acquiring the right of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. In the end, it did not well, and they also lost a contract with the Winkler. But they had to recover from the loss, and that’s why Walt created Mickey Mouse. The milestone of the company is considered to the Silly Symphony Series that was about Mickey Mouse and several other characters.

In December 1929, it became a corporation, and its name was changed to Walt Disney Productions Limited. The formation as considered as the merchandising division and the two subsidiaries. Roy took a 40% share of the company while Walt and his wife have the 60% shares. In the year 1935, their first color cartoon was created, and that was Flowers and Trees.

Soon after that, the company released its first feature films that were Seven Dwarfs and Snow White. There was World War II at that time. Disney has a lot of other milestones that include Peter Pan, Cinderella, Disneyland, An Hour in Wonderland, and many more. Later, the death of Walt Disney has a huge impact on the growth of Disney, but it recovered soon without any member of the family in the lead. One of the big steps that Disney took is its merger with the 21st Century Fox.

The merger took place in July 2018 and the new company named Walt Disney Company. The cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse that was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in the year 1928 are known as one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the whole world, and it also serves the official mascot of the company. The company got popularity with its film studio division, Walt Disney Studio.

Awards & Nominations

The company is one of the largest independent media conglomerates is one of the best achievements of it. The films of the company Disney have received lots of awards and nominations that make it popular. It also still stands firm almost a century after its formation.

Net Worth of Disney in 2024

Disney Net Worth
Disney Net Worth

Disney has an estimated net worth of around $140 billion as of June 2024. Apart from its movies, Disney also has lots of other sources of income that helps to increase the net worth of the company effectively. They also include consumer products and the Disney channel that worth more than $3 billion. Also, to this, the company has more than 40 theme parks all around the world that help to increase the net worth of the company.

The company brand alone has more than worth $19 billion in total. Apart from this, the total equity amount and assets of Disney is at around $45 billion and $96 billion that contribute to increasing the net worth of the company. On the other hand, the revenue of the company is estimated at around $55 billion annually.

Disney is one of the biggest media companies all over the world that has been bringing the magic of animation and entertains people since the 1920s. There are lots of popular tourist attractions, and theme parks are available at Disney World, where millions of people visit every year. The Walt Disney Company announced the new streaming service Disney Plus in April 2019.


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