Diesel Brothers
Diesel Brothers

Diesel Brothers is a famous American reality TV series that premiered on 4th January in the year 2016 on Discovery Channel. In this program, there is a group of friends who repair and do customizations with pickup trucks in Utah. Although the names of Diesel brothers are the same and they also have similar features, they aren’t real brothers but friends who work together. They used to post videos on YouTube, which started getting hit and later on, they got the chance to appear on the Discovery Channel.

Today, this show is loved by people of all age groups who are interested in vehicles, especially trucks. Heavy D and Diesel Dave buy damaged trucks and then reconstruct them on camera by making people understand about mechanics. Whether our vehicles are old or now, they deal with all of them. They have also designed many cars, and it had made huge profits for them.


Heavy D also had a passion for vehicle construction. In the year 1976, he did his first creation on Yamaha Y280. He studied auto mechanics, fabrication and welding. After high school, he became the manager of the auto mechanics business of his friend just after high school. Dave attended Webster State University, but he wasn’t interested in the classroom and quit it within one month. In the year 2008, he started a venture where he got employed by his longtime friend, Diesel Dave with heavy equipment. When they posted videos of their work on social media platforms, they started gaining attention.


Diesel Dave and Heavy D started posting their videos on YouTube channel, but they came at TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO and then they were contacted by Discovery Channel. This show was premiered on 4th January in the year 2016 on Discovery. On 9th December in 2019, its 6th season got released. There was a time when the discovery channel started in 1985 and only focused on educational but dry documentaries.

Now that cable competition has risen, the channel has begun focusing on thrilling shows like Diesel Brothers. This show focuses on finding trucks and gives them after rebuilding them. This series appeals to every person who is into trucks or automobiles. There are a lot of things one can learn by watching this TV show because of the truck restoration ideas of it.

Awards and achievements

They have won technical achievement award once, but there haven’t been any other television awards won by them. Even if they don’t win awards, they are heroes of the mechanical field on the television. People follow them in huge numbers which makes them one of the greatest achievers in this field.

Net Worth Diesel Brothers in 2024

Diesel Brothers Net Worth
Diesel Brothers Net Worth

The total net worth of Diesel brothers is around $6 million as of June 2024 which has been earned by the cast of this show. Separately, the amount of $2 million goes to Dave Kiley. Heavy D also has a net worth of $2 million. Josh Stuart and Keaton Hoskins have got a net worth of $900 thousand and $500 thousand respectively. Dave Sparks is a businessman and also a vehicle builder who had a passion for constructing vehicles.

Diesel Brothers show is watched by vehicle enthusiasts as well as normal people who didn’t even have any interest in a mechanic. Just due to the content of the Diesel Brothers show, people prefer to enjoy their time while watching it. In the year 2016, Utah Physicians also filed a lawsuit against them because they modified vehicles by creating black smoke.

In the year 2018, the testimony was heard, and Davis County (Emission inspector) told that their truck had been modified illegally. In March 2020, they were fined with an amount of $850 thousand for violating the CLEAN AIR ACT. The fine wasn’t too much, but it was enough to make everyone aware of environmental concerns. No matter what happens, people will still love the show for its authentic content and videos.


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