Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a musical band having South African origins. Its members include Ninja, Yolandi, and god (DJ Hi-Tek). They have made a total of four albums to date with the first one released on the internet for free. Their band is closely associated with the South African movement zef, and their songs are sung in English and Afrikaans.


Die Antwoord was started in 2008. Their first album was $O$, which was freely distributed on the internet. The album had 18 tracks, and some of them became a huge and instant success.

After their success with their first album, the band collaborated with Interscope Records for future albums. Before they could release an album, they broke off with the recording company due to artistic differences.

Die Antwoord went ahead and created their own record label Zef Recordz. The remaining albums of the band were released under this label.

The band performed in the South African music festival RAMFest live for the first time in 2009.

The fifth and last album of the band is to be called the Book of Zef. The band intends to disband after its release.


The first album of Die Antwoord was called $O$. Some well-known tracks of this album are Enter the Ninja, Beat Boy, and Fish paste. The album has been given above-average ratings by various music critics and has held the peak position of 109 at the Billboards 2010.

The second album of the group was named Ten$ion. There was some controversy surrounding the release of the album. The group recording company Interscope was not happy with their songs and wanted them to make something more general.

The album was later released by the group’s own label. The album had a total of 13 tracks. Though the album was not popular among critics, it brought the international band fame.

The third album of the group was Donker Mag having 16 tracks. The album got a better response from the critics and the public alike. It was at peak position 37 on the billboards 200 in 2014.

The fourth album was called Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid and has 16 tracks in it. The album fared quite well on the Billboard charts but was not received well by the critics.

The fifth album slated to release is called the Book of Zef.

Awards & Achievements

The band Die Antwoord has yet not been nominated for any musical awards, but its many singles have made it to high rankings in the billboard charts.

Enter the Ninja peaked at number 37 on the UK charts in 2010. Another single Banana brain had peaked at number 30 in the US dance and electric music charts in 2016.

Net Worth of Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord Net Worth
Die Antwoord Net Worth

As of April 2024, Die Antwoord has made a net worth of $10 million through the success of its various albums and singles.

Their single Evil Boy got nearly 60 million views. This earned them a contract with the recording label Interscope.

The band also earns through various tours, stage shows, and concerts. The band’s first international concert was in 2010 in California.

The band’s video of their song Banana brain received 40 million views.

Die Antwoord is a music band with a difference. They produce popular hit music with a purpose. Their purpose is social awakening. According to them, people have become so dull that they need to be awakened from their semi-consciousness. They intend to achieve this through their music, their attire, and their lyrics.


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