Diamond & Silk
Diamond & Silk

Diamond and Silk are American sisters who are social media personalities, video bloggers, political activists, and hosts for Fox Nation. The sisters are named Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, and they are known for their comments in support of the United States President Donald Trump. In 2016 the two women received wider media attention during the campaigns after they alleged that they had been notified by Facebook that they were “Unsafe to the Community.”

They accused Facebook of blocking and censuring their Facebook page. In April 2018, the sisters were invited by Rep. Steve King to testify about their perceived censorship in front of the Congress. During Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony, the Republican Congress members brought Diamond and Silk censorship claims before the U.S. Congress. The two sisters have traveled the country since 2018 on their Chit Chat Tour.


Diamond (Lynnette Hardaway) and Silk (Rochelle Richardson) are the daughters of a famous televangelist couple at the Jericho Deliverance Temple Church. The sisters grew up in a Democratic family until 2015 when they switched their political views and decided to support the Republican Party. Diamond and Silk changed their political views after watching Donald Trump’s speech about his “America First” policies.

The sisters who were very vocal on their social media platforms at the time later posted a video criticizing Megyn Kelly of asking nonsensical and irrelevant questions during the Presidential Debate. The video became very viral, and the sisters became famous conservative commentators on different platforms. The sisters use their professional names Diamond and Silk.


Since Diamond and Silk became famous as political analysts, they have appeared on several political rallies as well as on television. Most of their appearances have been at Donald Trump’s rallies like the one in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the one in Raleigh, North California. They have also made numerous appearances on Fox News, which is a favorite among many conservative supporters.

Some of the Fox News Shows that Diamond and Silk appeared in are The Ingraham Angle, Fox & Friends, Hannity, Watter’s World, and Fox News Sunday. The duo was given a show on Fox Nation in November 2018, the online Fox News streaming service.

During most of the rallies and television interviews, Diamond and Silk have appeared in, Lynnette is seen as more vocal than her sister Rochelle. The duo was at the forefront in criticizing Anita and Black Lives Matter, and the Ku Klux Klan movements. They encouraged Democrats to register as Republicans, and this greatly boosted the number of supporters for Donald Trump. In 2016 Diamond and Silk were invited on stage by Trump after seeing them for the very first time.

Diamond and Silk claimed that Facebook deemed their page as “unsafe to the community” during the 2016 and 2018 campaigns. They also said that their page was being censored. The duo appeared before the Congress during Zuckerberg’s testimony. After some investigations, it turned out that the claims were untrue as there was no evidence of the claims.

In April 2018, Diamond and Silk appeared before the House Judiciary Committee. They were asked if they had ever received money from the Trump campaign, but they denied it. They said the money they received from Trump was reimbursement for airplane tickets. In June 2019, the duo was joined by Steve King to introduce an anti-sanctuary city bill called the Diamond and Silk Act.

Awards & Achievements

Diamond and Silk have been active in most of the social media platforms, and that is a very great achievement. On their Twitter handle, they have more than 650,000 followers, 1.5 million followers on Facebook, and their YouTube channel has over 140,000 subscribers. Another achievement for Diamond and Silk is their appearance on various conservative shows like Fox and Friends.

Net Worth of Diamond and Silk in 2024

Diamond & Silk Net Worth
Diamond & Silk Net Worth

As of April 2024, Diamond and Silk have a net worth of $3 million. The have made this money from their career as social media personalities, live-stream video vloggers as well as political analysts. They also get a lot of money from selling different Trump Merchandise, which they usually do on their website. The duo also charges $150 for somebody to take a photograph with them or have a meal with them.

Diamond and Silk is made up of two sisters who gained popularity after their commentary in support of President Donald Trump. They embarked on a not very easy task, being of the African-American ethnicity by supporting him because many people see him as a racist. Diamond and Silk have refuted these claims saying that Trump is not a racist, but he is a realist.


  1. Heard em for the first time today on FB. One of them is not the most articulate while the other one is somewhat so. Interesting they are both tuned in to natural cures, beliefs in Yoga and meditation versus medication. The African American listeners and followers are bound to benefit from following their leads though, I think.

  2. Huckabuck coon sellouts who obviously are political neophytes.
    Like Candace Owens, will sellout their mama for a white meritorious assimilation amalgamation reward award

  3. Why bring racist’s slang into the conversation, you’re just showing how immature and negative you are. Diamond and Silk have brought laughter and truth to a World of immature people claiming to be the elite, who want to rule over those of us who get up and go to work everyday to support our families and try to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  4. I personally found these sisters profoundly insightful on the current problems with our government. They did not lie about anything but of course the left does not want to hear the truth. The left is the ones that are bigots and the only reason Obama got elected is be cause he is a slick talker. On top of all that he is still a puppet for the swamp.


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