Daughtry is a hard rock band of America created by the finalist on the fifth season of American Idol, Chris Daughtry. Chris is also the lead vocal artist of his band. In November 2006, Band’s self-titled debut album (Daughtry) was released and achieved number one spot on the Billboards Top 200. Their album sold more than six million copies only in America and was also recognized as sextuple platinum by the RIAA.

In 2007, their debut album became the best selling album as recorded by Billboard in their statistics, and the album also became the fastest-selling debut rock album ever in Nielsen SoundScan history of albums. The album’s four-song came into top 20 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including the top five hits “Home” and “It’s Not Over.”


In 2006, in the 5th season of American Idol, Chris came in fourth place, and he mentioned that he would form a band. He created a band, so he had to reject Fuel’s offer to make him their lead singer. On 10th July 2006, Daughtry signed a contract with RCA Records and 19 Entertainment, which also holds contracts with fellow American Idol finalists like Kellie Pickler, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

Chris is a great singer but moreover a brilliant songwriter and has also collaborated with many other popular songwriters, such as Seether’s Shaun Morgan, Goo Goo Dolls’s John Rzeznik, Fuel’s Carl Bell, 3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold, Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, Three Days Grace’s Adam Gontier, former The Click Five singer Eric Dill, Theory of a Deadman’s Tyler Connolly, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and Lifehouse’s Jason Wade and etc.

Members of the label and Chris Daughtry himself held auditions. After the auditions, they selected four members for the band: Josh Steely, 36 as a lead guitarist; Jeremy Brady, 21 as a guitarist (currently not in the band); Josh Paul, 29 as a bassist who played for Suicidal Tendencies; Joey Barnes, 30 as a drummer, (currently not in the band).

Barnes, with whom Chris was familiar for quite a lot of time, and Brady, was introduced to Chris a month before he started taking auditions are from Carolina. Paul and Steely are both from California, United States. The name given to the band was “Daughtry” to keep name recognition.


On 14th July 2009, Daughtry released their second album, which included 14 songs before they wanted to keep 19 recorded songs but later was reduced. Chris said that this is a very big rock album. He also told the media that the band had recorded and written over 30 new songs. Chris has worked with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch, Jason Wade from Lifehouse, Scott Stevens from The Exies, Richard Marx, Adam Gontier, former vocalist for The Click Five, former vocalist for Three Days Grace and Eric Dill.

Daughtry and RCA Records decided to split ways after working together since 2006, in September 2019. From Chris Daughtry’s Instagram, it came in notice that Daughtry started recording their sixth studio album on 20 November 2019, and also teamed up with producer Scott Stevens. During an interview with pop culture, Chris told Gale (an employee of pop culture) that the album is guitar-driven, and rock music will be coming back in the future at some point in his life.

On 18 December 2019, Chris Daughtry revealed that he would be the “Rottweiler” in the 2nd season of the American version of “The Masked Singer.” Chris had sung a cover of “Alive,” a song by Sia on the finale episode of The Masked Singer, and later his cover was also released as a single. Since then, his cover song had the Number One spot on iTunes and also becoming Daughtry’s first single since the release of “No Surprise” to do the same.

Awards & Achievements

Daughtry has produced some of the greatest music in the music industry, and they also got recognition for the same. The band has been nominated 20 times for the awards, out of which they have won a total of 12 awards. The main awards that the band won are the following:

The band won New Artist of the Year by American Music Awards in 2007.

In 2007, Daughtry also won Top Billboard 200 Album and Top New Artist by Billboard Music Awards.

Net Worth of Daughtry in 2024

Daughtry Net Worth
Daughtry Net Worth

Daughtry earning has changed many times since the member of the band changed and also in 2019, they split there ways from RCA Records. The earnings of the band mainly depend on the concerts and the albums that they released. Daughtry got popular between peoples, and there fan following also increased after the release of there songs “Home” and “It’s Not Over” and more. As of April 2024, The estimated net worth of the band is $20 million.

The band has come a long way since the creation of the band in 2006. Some members of the band changed, but the popularity kept on increasing since they never stopped releasing great music, which people liked and appreciated the band for there great work. The popularity of the band will keep on increasing in the future as they release more albums and songs.


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