Entrepreneurs come from all corners of the world, and anyone can be a successful entrepreneur if you put your foot down and begin embarking on the journey. All you need to set up a successful business is an amazing idea with a high possibility of success.

Before you embark on your entrepreneurship journey, make sure that what you are about to do will attract a lot of positive attention, which will lead to the success of your idea. There are so many people all around the world that have emerged to be successful by setting up unique businesses from their own creative thinking. A large number of them do not actually have the financial ability to actualize their ideas, so many of them opt to go for alternative sources of money.

For this reason, such creative thinkers and entrepreneurs who go in search of money find themselves presenting their ideas to the American hit television show called Shark Tank. The show features a panel of wealthy businessmen and women who are willing to invest their money into an idea that looks lucrative.

The panel listens carefully to what you have to offer, and they also add up the numbers, and from there, it is their choice whether to go on with the idea or not. Many people have succeeded in pitching their ideas to the panel of businesspersons, and from there, their businesses have grown and flourished amazingly.


Shark Tank is a successful American show that has quite a number of viewers. The show is quite popular for its uniqueness and creativity. Apart from that, the show has also gained a lot of credit for changing the lives of people. The panel of businesspersons has improved the careers of many people whose ideas have impressed the panel. A good example of the people that have benefitted from the show is Abby Speicher.

Abby Speicher was simply a student who was pursuing her MBA from Babson College. She is the CEO of DARTdrones, a company that facilitates the training of drone pilots. Her idea is quite similar to a company that had pitched an idea like hers, XCraft, the company behind the PhoneDrone Ethos, got a good investment from all the judges in the show.

Abby had already thought of getting a startup when she saw Jeff Bezos talking up the aerial future of package delivery on CBS’s 60 minutes. She quoted that, ”I immediately wanted to go out and learn how to fly these things, but after weeks and months of calling around, I realized there was nowhere to go to learn.”

This is what pushed her to go out of her way to set up a national flight school for drone pilots, but all she needed was the funding, and that is why she sought some financial help from the Shark Tank. During the pitch, Abby’s idea was accepted well, and she was able to secure a startup of about $300,000 from Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank judge, Mark Cuban, who did this for the exchange of a 10% stake in the company.

With the startup money she needed was available, she hired Amelia Owre, DARTdrones’ Director Of Training, who is a U.S Navy aviator who previously created the training programs for the FireScout, one their unmanned aerial systems. The company is quite successful now with 11 full-time and more than 40 professional instructors and aviators working on-contract. The company trains all sorts of people, from seasoned pilots to hobbyists, professional photographers, firefighters, and police officers in how to safely use drones for fun or for work.


The company has been doing quite well. Apart from just training people on-ground, the company also offers online classes for interested learners. The company’s rates are also quite cheap; for example, the company offered a beginners’ online class for about $20.

When you look into the business world, you will realize that a lot of businesses are incorporating drones into their work, such as for research or when gathering data about something. For these reasons, the company has shifted from teaching kids and parents for fun to government offices and medium to large employers, a shift that was planned by Abby since commercial and industrial training is much more profitable.

Awards & Achievements

DARTdrones has grown to be quite a successful company with a very bright future. The company is now the top drone flight training company in the United States of America. The company has now had over 9,000 students, and the company is still training people all over the country. The company has received a lot of credit all over the world but has not received any awards yet, but Abby Speicher was named in the Forbes’ 30 under 30.

Net Worth of Dartdrones in 2024

Dartdrones Net Worth
Dartdrones Net Worth

DARTdrones is America’s biggest drone flight school, and with such a feat, the company has made some good money. DARTdrones trains people all over the country to fly drones, either for fun or for work, for reasonable prices. The estimated net worth of the company is somewhere around at $5 million as of May 2024.

Abby Speicher’s DARTdrones is quite a successful company that was built from a simple idea that she had from when she was in college. Her story is not only incredible but also inspiring. She serves as an example for the whole world that success is achievable if only you decide to work on what you believe can be successful.


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