Count's Kustoms
Count’s Kustoms

Business is growing wider and wider every day and expanding to wider fields. Especially in big countries such as the United States of America, creativity is at its highest. Normal businesses have saturated the American economy, and now people have gone to further lengths to get into the pockets of people. People have decided to go big on the things that they love to do.

For example, people who love open music shops that sell music records, people who love sports open shops that sell sporting supplies, and so many other examples can be included. The joy of doing what you love has driven people to face the challenges that the world throws at them and pursue their passions. An example of such people is Danny Koker, a.k.a The Count who really loved cars that he opened an automobile restoration and customization company called Counts Kustoms.

At the shop, the activities going on in it are quite entertaining, so much so that a reality TV has been made based on the activities going on in the shop. The show is the third spinoff of Pan Stars and is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Basically, what he shop mainly does is quite simple, Danny Koker and his staff restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles. The have had a great run that has spanned for about eight seasons. However, at around 2018, the show stopped being aired.


Count’s Kustoms was derived from Danny’s stint as part-owner of local independent station KFBT (now KVCW), where he hosted a weekly B-movie showcase, Saturday Fright at the Movies, as “Count Cool Rider.” Danny grew up and lived in Cleveland and Detroit and eventually became a self-taught mechanic. This was especially because Danny came from a family of Ford Motor Company employees.

Before the premiere of the show, Danny had been running his business for fifteen years and has had a crazy passion for classic American muscle cars and motorcycles. His passion is quite evident when checking his car collection, and he has around more than 50 cars under his name. It is said that when he spots a good classic American muscle car or motorcycle, he will go out of his way to purchase it, sometimes even making on-the-spot purchases.

Counting cars was originally released on the 13th of August in 2012 and is filmed in Las Vegas as a third spinoff of the TV series, Pawn Stars. The show is produced by Leftfield Pictures and is aired on History and has gone ahead to gain a lot of popularity among viewers. Before the show aired, Danny Koker had appeared as a guest on Pawn Stars and therefore was not a new guy to the show business.

The show’s initial producers were History’s Zachary Behr and Julian Hobbs, and Leftfield Pictures’ Brent Montgomery, David George, and Shawn Witt. It was created by co-executive producer Joel Patterson and show secured its regular Tuesday time slot the following day.

The show started off with eleven people featuring, they were Danny Koker, Scott Jones, Kevin Mack, Michael “Horny Mike” Henry, Roli Szabo, Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Big Ryan, Harry “Grandpa” Rome Sr., Joseph “Doc” Duggan and George. Though they seem to be quite many for a repair garage, each and every one of them had a specific role to play. The garage was the perfect representation of a well-oiled machine where all the parts work in perfect unison.

However, along the way, the show lost some guys along the way. Between the second and the third seasons, Scott Jones left the show with no explanation given to the public. He was replaced by Kevin Mack, who was Danny’s right-hand man and best friend. The show-stopped airing after releasing eight seasons in 2018, but people are optimistic for its return because of its immense popularity.


Counting Cars did a lot of good for Danny’s shop because it made his shop very popular. The show really grew in popularity, and a huge number of viewers tuned in to History channel to watch the show. Despite the show-stopping to air in 2018, Danny’s shop is still doing very well, and it seems to have a lot of success coming its way. It is not yet certain whether the show will begin airing again, but its return is highly anticipated by the public.

Awards & Achievements

The shop and the show have been doing very well over the years. Danny had been running the show for fifteen years before the show began and has had considerable success. Even after the introduction of filming the shop’s activities, the show’s success was also good. Despite all that, the show and the shop have not won any awards yet, but it is justifiable to recognize their success.

Net Worth of Count’s Kustoms in 2024

Count's Kustoms Net Worth
Count’s Kustoms Net Worth

Counts Kustoms as a shop has had a lot of success for its incredible work in the restoration of classic cars and motorcycles. The members of the shop are very skilled, hard-working and also work like a well-oiled machine. The team does exemplary work in converting deadbeat to admirable cars. The show has managed to have a net worth of about $12 million as of June 2024 because of the great work that they do.

The team of Counts Kustoms is truly one of a kind where talented and extremely skilled mechanics are allowed to explore their creativity to very high levels. This is what makes the shop to be one of a kind. Although they stopped airing the activities of the show, it will still be respected as one of the best car workshops in the country.


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