Coca Cola
Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is a famous American multinational beverage corporation. The company is best known for its trademark product ‘Coca-Cola’ soda or soft drink. The headquarter of the company is in Atlanta, Georgia, but incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware.

History & Wiki

The ‘Coca-Cola’ soda was founded by accident, and the history of this famous brand goes back to 1886. It was an accident by a Pharmacist from Atlanta, Dr. John S. Pemberton, led to the creation of a distinctive tasting soft drink. After experimenting with it a few more times, he created a flavored syrup and took it to the neighboring pharmacy, where he mixed it with carbonated water. After tasting the sample, Dr. Pemberton and his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, gave it the name ‘Coca-Cola.’

Just two years after creating the ‘Coca-Cola,’ Dr. Pemberton passed away, he sold his portion of the business to various parties including a businessman, Asa G. Candler. First, Coca-Cola was sold only in Atlanta, but under the leadership of Asa G. Candler, they started selling it in the soda fountains outside Atlanta. With the increasing demand, they decided to sell the drink in bottles. Joseph Biedenharn became the first person to sell Coca-Cola in bottles after installing the bottling machinery in Mississippi.

After the success of small bottles, the three entrepreneurs purchased the bottling rights and started making the bottles of different sizes. They made very distinct bottles and also gave the bottles a unique color to stand out from the rest of the brands.

The 1970’s advertising of Coca-Cola through different media made the brand more famous. That was the era when Coca-Cola evolved as a brand throughout the country and began to conquer the world market.


The success of Coca-Cola across the world led it to acquire so many brands under its name. The first brand that Coca-Cola took under its name was ‘Minute Maid’ in 1960. Then there was a long pause of almost three decades, after the long wait the company then decided to take over the Indian cola soft drink brand called ‘Thumbs Up.’ Soon after that, they took over another non-alcoholic brand called Barq’s, which is a root beer drink.

Two of Coca Cola’s biggest acquisitions would be taking over the Odwalla brand of fruit juices, smoothies, and bars for almost $180 million and Fuze Beverage for an estimated $250 million. In 2011, Coca-Cola bought the entire organic tea company called ‘Honest Tea.’

Best Selling

Coca-Cola is the best-selling soft drinks in most of the countries. According to Forbes, Coca-Cola was the most valuable brand in 2010 and is the fifth most valuable brand in 2017, after brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Middle-east is the only region where Coca-Cola is not the No.1 soft drink. Coca Cola’s biggest selling product is Coca-Cola soda/ soft drink.


Coca-Cola was the major sponsor of the English Football League from 2004 to 2010. They were also one of the sponsors for the FIFA World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. Their other major sports sponsors include NHRA, NASCAR, PGA Tour, and the NCAA Championship.

As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, Coca-Cola was the sponsor of American Idol for almost twelve years. They also have Coke Studios in Pakistan, India, and the Middle East.

Awards & Achievements

Being one of the most valuable brands in the world, Coca-Cola has received few awards to its name. Their biggest achievement would be winning the ‘Award for Corporate Excellence’ and ‘Industry Champion of the Year Award.’

Forbes named Coca-Cola as the most valuable brand in the world in 2010.

Net Worth of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Net Worth
Coca-Cola Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Coca-Cola is approximately $230 billion. The company’s stocks are available in the direct purchase program, through Computershare Trust Company and have investment fees.

The company’s stock is listed on NYSE. The company is spread across the world and is the top brand in most of the countries; this is the main reason for their tremendous net worth. Coca-Cola’s net worth is the reason which puts its shares; one of the most valuables in the share market.

There has been a lot of debate in the market regarding the purchase of Coca-Cola shares as the investors doubt the rapid growth in the near future as compare to their rivals. According to the reports, PepsiCo has a much-diversified business, and the risk involved is much less than that of the Coca-Cola company.

The drink, which was created by accident, Coca-Cola, is the highest-selling soda/soft drink in most of the countries. It is a remarkable achievement for the company which started its business in Atlanta. Today, they have expanded their business by acquiring so many brands under their prestigious name.


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