Brown Family
Brown Family

If you are a fan of reality shows, the Brown Family must be a familiar name. The Brown Family is also known as the Alaskan Bush People because of their show that follows the adventures of Ami and Billy Brown as they work together in raising their seven children. Their lifestyle seems a bit unique as the couple raises their children outside of normal civilization.

Although there is high speculation that the Brown Family lives in Alaska due to the name of their show (Alaskan Bush People), the truth is, the family are currently living in Washington. This was after their purchase of a 500-acre property that is located in Tonasket. Between the road and this property, there is a stretch of 7 miles, and the place is full of orchards, barns, cattle, and horses.

Tonasket has a small population as its population is less than 1000 people (995). The place is referred to as a hub of forestry and agricultural industries. This would explain well why this family thought it wise to get a property there. This is because; their life is founded on the uniqueness of their lifestyle.


The brown family suffered a misfortune when they had their house burnt down simply because they had built it on public land. The family then decided to start moving around Alaska, and everywhere they went, they would build a temporary shelter to cover themselves from the harsh climatic conditions. The family made a living by ancient means. Although this family wasn’t doing this to receive support and financial provision by well-wishers, a new idea was developed from the same. The family decided to start a show which they called the Alaskan Bush People.

The name of their show was simply from the fact that they were initially living in Alaska, and their second name Bush was from the fact that they were living in the bush. Although they might not be living in the bush for sure the fact they didn’t have a permanent resident, it was enough reason to call themselves the bush people. What started as a predicament has brought not only this big family a good fortune but also a name on the large screen. Today, the Brown family owns properties, and they are celebrated all over the world for being courageous enough to face the world even after being victims of such a predicament.


The main reason the Brown Family has become famous and their show is highly celebrated is simply because they deal with real life. It was, however, initially showing a family that is living a tribal lifestyle, which is very rare in the present day. The good thing about the Brown family is that Billy and his wife Amy have been able to give their children the best life they would ever wish for. Although their seven kids are already grown now, they still maintain a good relationship with each other. Although many large families have issues with each other, the Brown family has been able to understand and respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

For those who would be having doubts about the number of kids in the Brown family, they are surely seven children. There are two girls who are named Birdy Brown and Rain Brown. The couple is lucky as they have a total of five boys who are named; Matt Brown, Bam Brown, Bear Brown, and Noah Brown. As you can see in these names, all the kids use their father’s surname Brown. Therefore, if you need to learn anything about the family member of the Brown Family, it will be very easy.

Awards & Achievements

The Brown family has not received any awards or achievements as yet. At the same time, their show “Alaskan Bush People” also did not receive any awards or accolades. However, we cannot ignore the fact that they were able to bring their plight to light. At the same time, through their teaming up together, they managed to set up a community of their own. In the process of seeking to bring their sufferings to the light, they became a source of encouragement and support to many. Trophies might be precious, but the difference they brought in the lives of the viewers of their show was more than enough.

Net Worth of Brown Family in 2024

Brown Family Net Worth
Brown Family Net Worth

They say, “God has a sense of humor,” although you might not agree with me, the story about this family is evident enough. Although the Brown family started off very well, things turned around when their house was burnt down since it was built on public land. This is definitely a predicament that very few families would be able to carry through ad still emerge victoriously.

However, for Amy and his wife, this was the time of strengthening the bonds of their children. They knew that if they lost their vision, their children’s lives would be destroyed for good. This, therefore, called for sacrifice and commitment and looking for a solution that would keep their children’s lives going.

They started building temporary houses around Alaska. This led to the beginning of a show that became the beginning of their wealth creation. As of July 2024, their net worth is estimated at around $100 million and is expected to get better with time. This is because their children have already started being established in their various careers and are earning a great fortune from the same.

When you see a family that is bound together by the cords of love, you are confident that there is hope for the society, the country, and the world as a whole. This is because the foundation and the success of any society is highly based on the success of the families in that particular society. Therefore, Alaska was lucky enough to have a family they would emulate. Today, the Brown family has decided to extend the same to Washington, which is their current residence today. This family is great proof that if you don’t give up, you can achieve anything in life.


  1. This show is the worst thing I have seen in years.
    There is no truth to any of this farce , and the Discovery Chanel is to blame for this hoax.
    You can say then don’t watch it but the Browns are the kings of hate watching & Clown town or the Brown Star ranch are the reason to have your animals spade or neutered.

  2. Is this article satire, because your story is a joke. Your images aren’t of the Alaskan Bush People either. The real Brown are grifters and scammers. Do some research before writing an article such as this.


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