Brooklyn And Bailey
Brooklyn And Bailey

Brooklyn Victoria McKnight and Bailey Marne McKnight-Howard, popularly known as Brooklyn and Bailey, are famous American Youtuber. Besides being American Youtuber, they are also social media public figures. Born in the year 1999 on 31st December, these favorite American YouTubers are identical twins. Brooklyn is the older one, and Bailey is the younger one by a difference of two minutes only.

They jointly own a channel known as “BrooklynAndBailey.” They post a video of different styles. Their videos are mainly about fashion, teen interest, DIY Videos, Vlogs, Skits, and pranks. They have a vast number of subscribers. They have 6.92 million subscribers.

They receive a huge number of views for their videos. They receive nearly one crore plus views. They started their channel in the year 2009 and are till now active with a vast number of subscribers. Brooklyn and Bailey attended Baylor University in Waco. They were pursuing entrepreneurship. Both of them majored in that.

In the year 2018, in the month of May, they graduated from there. After graduating from there, Brooklyn started to attend esthetician school at the Skin Science Institute of lasers and Esthetics. This school was in Utah. Bailey married her boyfriend Asa Howard, whom she had been dating for a long time in the year 2021, on 1st October.


They came up with their channel in the year 2009. At that time, they mainly focused on some limited genres of videos. When they started, they focused on fashion and beauty stuff. After that, they started daily vlogging and other fun stuff. In the year 2015, in November, Brooklyn and Bailey launched another channel named Squared side by side.

They also started a web series called Variety. They made this especially for all the twins out there. The show is comprised of seven sets of twins. Each set of twins came from different countries like Australia, North America, United Kingdom. They were part of the episodes of that series.

In 2015, the Business Insiders also listed as the “13 up and coming YouTubers you should be following”. After having a great YouTube career, these identical twins decided to enter the music industry. In the year 2017, Brooklyn and Bailey made an announcement about their stepping in inside the world of music. Their first song was “Dance Like Me,” which was released on 3rd March in the year 2017.

They released this song by teaming up with a famous music producer called Benny Cassette. The song was a great hit. It ranked 26 on the chart of most popular songs. It ranked 12 in iTunes. After that, they started to come up with more songs. Within a few months, these talented twins released another song named “SiMPLE THiNGS.”

This was released on 28th April 2017. After this, they released another song called “What We’re Made Of.” This song was released on 13th July 2017. Before releasing these songs, they previously worked with Peter Hollens in August 2015. They also came up with their merchandise in 2017. Forbes listed them as the Top Influencers as kids.


They gave too much effort on their YouTube channel, and their efforts were not unseen by the audience. The twin sisters were nominated for a Streamy award under the fashion category in the year 2015.

Their extraordinary vocal skills made them the 10th Annual Shorty Awards finalist under the YouTube Music Category. They received a creators award from YouTube. They have a silver and golden play button that they received from YouTube when they hit 1 lakh and 10 lakh, subscribers.

Net Worth of Brooklyn and Bailey in 2024

Brooklyn And Bailey Net Worth
Brooklyn And Bailey Net Worth

Brooklyn and Bailey are successful YouTubers. They have worked hard to be in this position. They have entertained the audience by providing them with some good content and ultimately gaining a large number of subscribers. Their number of subscribers is increasing day by day. As of May 2024, It is estimated that they have a net worth of $6 million. YouTube is their primary source of income, and their merchandise line is also another source of income.

Brooklyn and Bailey are some of the most popular YouTube teenagers. They have achieved so much at such a young age. They have followed their passion and have successfully completed a position globally. They are inspiring many rising kids.


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