Beme Inc. is a multimedia company which was founded by Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett, known as a popular blogger as well as a short filmmaker on youtube. It is best known for being the maker of the mobile app named Beme.

History & Wiki:

Initially, Beme was launched in the form of a beta version. After over half a year, the company has presented an initial stable version. Also, they attempted to mend all the errors which they have found out during their beta phase.

Moreover, after the “relaunch,” the app perceived a little boost. However, this boost has miserably faded away after some time. The app is the simplest approach of sharing short video clips related to your life.

It also attempts to accomplish this by avoiding all of the sharing and editing options that people have become familiar with social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Early Stage:

Beme started off its career by formally launching its beta version. Developed by youtube expert named Casey Neistat, the person who has made over several viral hits during his day, the tagline of Beme in the app store is “Share video. Honestly.”

The company has launched an app of the same name, which works in a certain specific way. Videos on the app are no longer than four seconds, and also you are incapable of seeing things you share prior to you upload it. The manner Beme shoots video on iPhone is exclusive.

This app hits into a sensor on the iPhone named as a proximity sensor, which is situated next to the camera on the front side of the iPhone. Actually, it is the sensor that senses how near the iPhone is to the body, and while it has covered and Beme is started, the app begins shooting video.

In the year 2015, Casey Neistat has confirmed a US$2.6M seed round directed by Lightspeed Venture Partners as well as VaynerRSE. At TechCrunch, in the year 2016, Neistat has stated that they had upraised a total of US$6M as well as owned 11 full-time employees (i.e., ten technical and one responsible for social media).

Moreover, he, too, stated that the burn rate was below approximately US$180k each month, and also, his salary was noted to be US$0. Last year, CNN has declared the attainment of Beme Inc. for a stated US$25 million and turned as a secondary of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

In the same year, Matt Hackett, known as a co-founder of Beme Inc., declared by an email to its users that this app would be closing down in January 2017.

Right from the closing of the app, it was declared that CNN envisioned utilizing the present talent after this app to function on a distinct start-up endeavor.

It is known that Beme’s existing team will preserve full creative control of the latest project, which is planned to release during summer 2017. Beme has, too, conveyed many other internet stars like the host of Vsauce 3, Jake Roper, in the form of Head of Production.

Awards & Achievements:

The greatest achievement of Beme is providing an app to users for shooting videos, and the app is facilitated with many sensors. The company has achieved a high annual turnover as compared to its competitors.

Net Worth of Beme:

Beme Net Worth
Beme Net Worth

As of June 2024, Beme has an estimated net worth of $30 million. The company has made most of its fortune with its creation of a mobile app named Beme. The net worth of the company is high, as last year CNN has declared the acquisition of Beme Inc. for the high worth.

Though the app is shut down, since its shutdown, it was declared that CNN planned to use the existing ability behind the Beme app to serve on a distinct start-up endeavor.

Beme is one of those multimedia companies which has proved its capacity by its release of the useful app to a vast number of users globally. The company even promises to launch even more useful apps in the future for the ease of users in daily life.


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