Bell Biv DeVoe
Bell Biv DeVoe

Often known as BBD, the Bell Biv DeVoe is an American music group that traces its roots from Boston, Massachusetts. The music band consists of 3 members, namely Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe, all belonging to the New Edition.

With their debut album, the group made its mark in the music world by releasing the multi-platinum selling song Poison, which acted as vital and critical work in the new jack swing movement that broke out in the 1990s, highlighting the combined elements of traditional soul and R&B to that of hip hop.


In 1990, a trio formed by guys belonging to the New Edition group backup came out with Poison’s debut album. This album was on its path of selling out by 4 million copies after being dropped in a quick span. The single “Poison,” named after the album itself, made history by breaking into the Top 10 charts as broadcasted by the prestigious Billboard.

In a legendary turn of events where these three men turned from backup singers to New Edition to a band that created history with only four albums in their career, Billboard declared this group called BBD the title of the most significant new pop in the short form group of 1990.

Poison came to be known as an album that was conceptually groundbreaking and was also credited with reinventing and breaking the stereotypical relationship between R&B and hip-hop of the ’90s.

The trio behind this legendary group, namely Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe, traces their roots as founders of the famous Boston-based quintet band called New Edition, which gained attention from a famous producer known as a well-known producer as Maurice Starr at a talent show they participated in 1981.

This band, as children, created and was credited to several hits with songs such as “Candy Girl” and “Cool It Now.” Another hit from the same album that managed to create history was “Do Me!” making both these songs reach number 3 on the charts of Billboard Hot 100 in 1990.

What makes this group remarkable and unique is that in the span of 31 years that this band has been active, they have only released four albums in total. However, all the four albums have been equally successful in all the decades that they have crossed with the band performing extensively around the world with these very four albums. Their latest album was released in 2017 and is called Three Stripes.


For the awards section of this band, in 1991, the group was awarded the Soul Train Music Awards for the Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Album of the Year, Group, Band, or Duo for the album Poison that started all the success of this group. The group has also been awarded for Favorite Soul/R&B Band/Duo/Group at the American Music Awards, with the awards of the same name in 1992.

Despite releasing only three albums in their music career that has spanned a total of 31 years since 1989, this group has always achieved the undefeated love of their fans and performed live throughout the world without any interruption.

Net Worth of Bell Biv DeVoe in 2024

Bell Biv DeVoe Net Worth
Bell Biv DeVoe Net Worth

As of June 2024, both Bell Biv and another member of the group, Ronnie DeVoe, are both estimated to be at a net worth of $15 million. How much the group is worth together is yet unknown, and only information about the member’s net worth is available through sources.

However, it is said to be around $70 million approximately. The last member Michael Bivins holds the highest position in the net worth chart among the trio with a whopping $40 million.

Bell Bev DeVeo was formed by three people belonging to the already popular group New Edition and rose to fame in the 1990s for their unique combination of R&B and Hip Hop. Over the years, this group garnered the attention of millions of fans. Though they released only four albums in 31 years, fans’ love for them remains unwavering.


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