Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys (shortened as BSB) is an American based vocal group, created in Orlando, situated inside Florida in the year 1993.

This group is best known for getting superstardom through their third studio album entitled Millennium, released in the year 1999, and its follow-up album entitled Black & Blue, released in the year 2000. Initially, this group has got fame through their debut international album entitled Backstreet Boys, released in the year 1996.


Backstreet Boys group includes Howie D., AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, and Brian Littrell. AJ McLean and Howie Dorough were identified as citizens of Orlando, in Florida, who came across one another and post found Nick Carter via auditions.

These three members, after realizing that now they can harmonize collectively agreed to create a trio. Moreover, cousins, namely Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson, both belonging from Lexington, in Kentucky, have sung in church choirs as well as festivals while they were kids.

It is found that Richardson relocated to Orlando during the year 1990, wherein he served in Walt Disney World and also focused on music at night. Finally, he came across Carter, Dorough, and McLean by a co-worker, and these four later agreed to create one group.


Backstreet Boys started off its career through its initial performance done at SeaWorld Orlando in the year 1993. Later, this group worked to perform in different venues in the same year, ranging from shopping malls, eateries, to even high-profile charity party within Fort Lauderdale, in Florida.

This group got the reputation through its debut international album entitled Backstreet Boys, released in the year 1996. During the next year, the group has released its second international album entitled Backstreet’s Back, and its U.S. debut album has continued for the global success of this group.

This vocal group got superstardom through its third studio album entitled Millennium as well as its follow-up album entitled Black & Blue, released in the year 2000. The group was on break for two years, and post that, they reformed and launched a comeback album entitled Never Gone in the year 2005.

Moreover, it has sold more than 130 million records globally, positioning them as the best-selling boy band ever in history, as well as one among the best-selling music artists of the world.

Awards & Achievements

Backstreet Boys group has got seven Grammy Award nominations by the year 2013. This includes four nominations in the year 2000. Besides, the group has too got seven Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, one Juno Award, two MTV Video Music Awards, etc.

Net Worth of Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys Net Worth
Backstreet Boys Net Worth

As of June 2024, Backstreet Boys has an estimated net worth of $250 million. The group makes most of its income with its career as an American based pop group.

Initially, the group was created within Orlando, situated inside Florida during the early 90s. It includes Howie Dorough, A. J. McLean, Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, and Brian Littrell. It was officially carried together through a pop producer named Lou Pearlman.

The group formerly earned by performances in malls, high schools, parties, and colleges for a span of one year, later contracted with Jive/Zomba Records. Its earnings increased after its release of some tracks in Canada and Europe in the year 1995, and later spent the remaining period for getting fame in Europe.

Its initial full album got released in the year 1996, and it was greatly successful in foreign. Members of the group have later reunified many times, traveled successfully, and also released a total of six extra albums, and among them, 2013’s “In a World Like This,” is the latest one.

Backstreet Boys is one of those pop groups whose success goes to its talented and experienced group members working in the group for years.

It is found that the group has ruled the pop music charts for the following few years, and later issues with management as well as addiction based issues began to spoil its momentum.


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