Artix EntertAinment
Artix EntertAinment

Gaming is one of the largest industries around the world. Especially since the pandemic has hit, the industry has grown exponentially. There are different genres in gaming, one of which is RPGs, a.k.a Role-Playing Games.

There are a few subgenres of RPGs, namely MMORPGs (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and JRPG’s (Japanese Role Playing Games). Anyone who has played MMORPGs before is not new to the name Artix Entertainment. This article aims to bring forth information about the past and present of Artix Entertainment.


Adam Bohn founded Artix Entertainment in October of 2002 in the USA. Ever since Adam was a child, it was his dream to create video games. When Adam was in the 5th grade, he and his friend were telling his father about this new game that had been released, to which his father advised them that if they liked games so much, why wouldn’t they build one?

His father’s statement inspired him to pursue his dream to create his own game. They started shoveling snow to pay for programming lessons. Later they also realized that they needed the software to create a game. In the year 2002, he created his first game ever. It was a browser-based RPG named AdventureQuest.

It was a game developed using Adobe Flash, and he didn’t have many expectations for its success. He was aiming at 100 people to join in and play the game. But he had no idea of what was in store for him after the release of the game. He was mind blown when millions of gamers worldwide joined and started playing the game.


After finally learning the right software to make a game, Adam’s journey wasn’t smooth either. He failed a thousand times. But every time he failed, he persisted on his path to achieve what he dreamt of. Many of his friends told him that the game was terrible and no one would ever play it.

This gave birth to self-doubt in his mind, which at one point brought him to almost breaking down and deleting the game altogether. But then he did something he had never done before! He took the plunge and released the game! After the massive unexpected success of AdventureQuest, Adam had realized his potential and started working on future projects.

Artix Entertainment then went on to release an expansion for AdventureQuest called WarpForce on the 17th of July 2009. It was a sequel to AdventureQuest, especially to its Devourer story arc. Since then, several crossovers have taken place among them as well.

It was built using the same engine as AdventureQuesr, and like other games made by Artix Entertainment, it was free to play with an optional one-time fee. For the next ten years, he and his company went on to make some of the best family-friendly games and gained over 150,000,000 player base worldwide.

Achievements & Awards

Though Artix Entertainment has been a high achiever since the inception of its game-making journey, it also went on to win a few awards, one of which was the Pasco EDC award.

Net Worth of Artix EntertAinment in 2024

Artix EntertAinment Net Worth
Artix EntertAinment Net Worth

Artix Entertainment has been a success since its inception. Gamers and people around the world have loved all their games. Since Artix Entertainment isn’t a public company, knowing its actual net worth isn’t easy. But according to a few resources, Adam Bohn’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of July 2024.

The story of Artix entertainment is a story of determination, perseverance, and of taking a leap of faith. As they say, ‘Triumph can’t be had without a struggle’, the founder faced several challenges in the process of making his first game which included lots of depressive thoughts, self-doubt, and the fear of what lies ahead.

That day if Adam had pressed the delete button, we wouldn’t know Artix entertainment the way we know it today! The sheer willpower of Adam to strive to achieve his childhood dream is what made such a successful video game publishing company. Sometimes in life, even though there are many doubts in our minds, the intelligent thing to do is give it all one has got and take a leap of faith. That is the only way to achieve success.


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