Alphabet Inc. is a famous American multinational conglomerate company, and it was created through a corporate restructuring of Google in October 2015. The company has it’s headquartered in Mountain View in California. It became the parent company of Google and several Google subsidiaries.

Alphabet is known as the fourth largest technology company in all over the world by revenue. It is also known as one of the most valuable companies in the world. The establishment of Alphabet was prompted with a desire to make Google as the internet service business.


In August 2015, Google Inc planned to create a new public holding company, Alphabet Inc. The company was established to restructure Google by moving the subsidiaries from Google to Alphabet. The company was formed in October 2015, the founders of Google were assumed to be the executive directors of the new company Alphabet, with Sergey Brin serving as President while Larry Page was serving as CEO.

In December 2019, Brin and Page resigned their posts as executives, and the CEO role was filled by Sundar Pichai, who is also the CEO of Google. Brin and Page remain the co-founders, board members, employees as well as the controlling shareholders of Alphabet Inc. the company would consist of Google along with other businesses such as Nest, Fiber, CapitalG, GV, X Development and many more.


The largest subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. is Google, and its other subsidiaries include Makani, Sidewalk labs, Calico, DeepMind, Verity, Wing and Loon, and many more. In the year 2017, the company’s equity was held by the subsidiary that is known as XXVI Holdings, Inc.

At that time, it was also announced that Google would become a limited liability company, Google LLC. Some several companies and divisions were part of Google became the subsidiaries of Alphabet. There are lots of products and services are associated with Google that includes YouTube, Google Search, and the Android mobile operating system, and many more.

The former subsidiaries of Alphabet include the Nest Labs that merge into Google in the year 2018 and Chronicles that were combined into Google Cloud in the year 2019. In November 2017, Alphabet Inc. also led a series of A round of around $71 million long with 20th Century Fox and Andreessen Horowitz. The company also provides the electric medical reports and analysis for better treatment of the oncology patients that helps in the growth of the company.

Awards & Nomination

Alphabet Inc is one of the most valuable companies in all over the world. The company high revenue and success in the entire career and has lots of satisfied customers. Alphabet Inc is also known as the fourth largest technology company in the world by its revenue that makes it accessible. Alphabet is ranked at number 15 among the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States Corporation by the total revenue in the year 2019.

Net Worth of Alphabet in 2024

Alphabet Net Worth
Alphabet Net Worth

The total net worth of Alphabet Inc. is estimated at around $1 trillion as of April 2024. In 2017, more than 86% of the revenues of Alphabet came from Performance advertising as well as brand advertising and around 53 percent of its revenue came from the international operations of the company. The total revenue of Alphabet was estimated at around $110,855 million in the year 2017, and its net income was estimated at around $12,662 million.

In February 2016, Alphabet surpassed the company Apple and became one most valuable publicly-traded company, but soon after that, Apple surged back over the Alphabet and retook his position. Alphabet became the fourth US Company in the year 2020 that reaches $1 trillion market value and entre in the trillion-dollar companies club.

Alphabet Inc. is a holding that engages in the business of the acquisition and operation of several companies. The company operates through Google and many Other Bets segments. The Google segment of this company generally includes internet products like Maps, YouTube, Search, Ads, Cloud, Apps, and many more. It also provides hardware products such as Nexus, Chromecast and Chromebooks, and many more. When it comes to the Other Bets segment, then it includes businesses like Google Fiber, Verily, GV, X, Nest, and Google Capital, and many more.



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