Home Instructions



1. Copy/paste my given template in a new ms word doc according to male-female celebrity.

2. Use MS Word’s Search/Replace function to replace Celebname with the given name of celebrity.

3. Start writing according to instructions written on the template.

4. Always save filename with my given title and serial no. and the main zip file with serial no. + name of a writer like 0001-0100 HetalK, 0101-0200 Winnie.

5. write DOB here and DOB,,, replace these with the date of birth in same this sequence .. 15 August 1947(date+month+year) without comma and space before and after the date. Replace 000000 with height and weight figures.

6. don’t touch my written codes.

7. if height weight not available, compare the celebrity photo with you, your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and write fake height weight. Same for age. if other things are not available write N/A.

8. in marital status keep only one and if a celebrity is gay/lesbian, change the sexual orientation.

9. Is Celebname Lesbian/Gay?:
Is Celebname Gay?:

Only replace Celebname in the table if you’re manually copy/pasting celebrity name. don’t delete Gay word from the female.

for males, people use only gay

but for female people used both words Gay/Lesbian

this is why I listed Gay/Lesbian in female

10. Don’t write on dead persons and skip that particular celebrity. If the celebrity is a pornstar, please don’t write a Blu-film script in the article, make it a family movie script like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Taare Zameen Par, Hum Aapke Hai Koun, means please don’t write any negative and unsafe words in the article. Don’t write their movie names that have adult words.

11. For companies, groups, band, the duo write in the plain paragraph in these subheadings

Awards & Achievements
Net Worth of Name

12. remove this line from age, height, weight section .. (don’t change this sentence/para, only change figures)

13. Take care of plagiarism and grammar as much as possible.

14. I won’t pay if I find an article without a sign of writers at the end.

15. Words needed about 750 written by you.
I’m already giving over 300 words in my template so complete article must be 1000 words long

Where there is less info available, you can write fewer words but not all the time.

16. Price of the Articles is 150 rupees per article (INR)

But Wait

If I find your complete batch clean without a single error that I listed and written in my instruction then I will add 20% as Bonus so you will get 180 rupees per article.


If I find a single article with error in your given batch than I will cut 20% so you’ll get 120 rupees per article.

The choice is yours 180 Rupees or 120 Rupees.

(This is a warning only, not a threat)

For foreign writers, I will convert INR to USD at the time of payment.

Why this rule


A single error in a single article forces me to recheck and proofread every single article in a batch that cost me a lot of time and energy. But now with the difference of Rupees 60, I can hire an extra proofreader for possible correction in your badly written content.

17. For your submitted batch of articles, Payment will be made always 15 days post-delivery or after published on site after a quality check by our editors and proofreaders(Whichever is earlier). This is to ensure that am getting quality content. You can ask for a new batch of articles while submitting the old batch. There is no delay in payment for our trusted and permanent writers. Are you ready for this?

18. Errors in the article that can cause you a penalty.

Plagiarism – Completely not acceptable
Article Spinning – Completely not acceptable
Gender mismatch/PRONOUNS error/ wrong use of he/she/his/her/him – Completely not acceptable
Wrong Information – Completely not acceptable until you are writing a fake article (write “Fake Information” with the title on top to handle article different way)
Wrong use of given template – Completely not acceptable (Using a male template for females and female template for male)
Not following given instruction very well – Completely not acceptable
Grammar & Spelling – Partially acceptable but not always

19. How much you can make from home with me: For an expert writer, writing these 750-800 words articles took a maximum of one hour, for normal writer 60 to 90 minutes and for Hunt and peck (two-fingered typing) a maximum of 2 hours. So, working full time 8 hours a day, you can easily write 4-8 articles per day. Now you can count yourself on the basis of your capability. You can make between Rupees 20000 to 35000 monthly by working 45-48 hours a week. We have an unlimited quantity of work for you, More than 100K celebrity per year.

20. The maximum deadline for any given batch is 30 days/one month and a minimum requirement is 25 articles monthly.

21. Every writer must send one or two sample articles for approval before working on a given list of celebrities.

22. Before sending any sample article for approval, match/compare your written sample article with my provided sample article of Kim Kardashian in the below download section for possible errors you made.

23. Gabbar’s Gift

जो में बोलता हूं वो में करता हु.. जो में नही बोलता वो तो में डेफिनेटली करता हूं.

Complete 750 Article
Samsung Galaxy M30s (Gradation Blue, 4GB RAM, Super AMOLED Display, 64GB Storage) or 11,000 Rs. Cash ($150)

Complete 2500 Article
Honda Activa or 50,000 Cash ($700)

24. As I always saying from 5 years “never depend only on me for job bcoz its a risky business model, we rally on Google’s free traffic to make money and Google can de-rank us any time. Although we always have a backup plan and always make a come-back, but, it takes time.”

25. Some of you’re not familiar with tables and my given codes so if you want to write a plain article, you’ll get Rupees 15 less. So, the price will be Rs.165 for over 750 words.

You can write in these subheadings, but before changing the style every writer must let me know so i can adjust everything.

You have six subheadings. The minimum word count is 750 but maximum word choice is yours.

Early Life & Biography
Personal life
Professional Career
Net Worth and Salary of Celebname

You have to write on these subheadings

Here are the details of the subheadings.

(Write introduction paragraph in short in 70-100 words about celebrity/Who is he/she and he/she is fampus for)

Early Life & Biography
(write birthday, parents, birthplace, siblings, nationality, ethnicity and other things)

Personal life
(Write every detail about personal life, affairs, boyfriend, girlfriend, gay/lesbian/homosexual, wife, kids, divorce, etc)

Professional Career
(write career details in short, main turning points)

Net Worth and Salary of Celebname
(Write minimum 70-100 words about net worth, assets, cars, house, and way of making money)

(Ending paragraph about 50 or more words)

26. The last and most important rule. “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Excellent work & Best Writers

Welcome To The Team
Welcome To The Team

Bad Writing skills & Bad Writers

Bad Work
Bad Work


Samples/Template for your download

Male Sample/Template

Click here to download Male Sample Wealthy Persons

Female Sample/Template

Click here to download Female Sample Wealthy Persons

Completed Articles for your review.

1. Kim Kardashian net worth

Here is the Video for the first few Steps in this article writing to clear your confusion/doubt in age codes.

How to deal with pronouns error.
1. Worst mistake of biography writing. Gender mismatch/ wrong use of PRONOUNS he/she/his/her/him

2. But finding these errors are too easy only 5 seconds of work in every article.

3. At first, complete whole article and click anywhere between article and press ctrl+F button to activate Find function in MS Word or press the binocular icon in MS Word at top right.

4. Then in search bar first press Space button of the keyboard, if you’re not giving space at first then it will highlight many unwanted words.

5. Then if your article is on Male, search for female PRONOUNS She/Her and it will highlight your mistakes.

6. Do the opposite for female, search for male PRONOUNS he/His/him and it will highlight your mistakes.

7. Now clean your article and save yourself from the penalty.

That’s it.

The choice is Always yours, Bonus or Penalty


Now I have 3 running business so I can easily handle 2000-2500 articles per month from a total of more than 100K celebrities. You can write as much as you can.